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    On a different Earth than our own a hero from the seven seas joins the premiere super team, the Squadron Supreme, as Amphibian. He was the resident aquatic member of the Squadron Supreme from Earth-712. The second Amphibian is a creature of mysterious origins.

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    Amongst his true tribe
    Amongst his true tribe

    Amphibian is a character who is at loosely based on the DC Comics' character Aquaman, the two of them sharing similar looks, powers and origins. His real name, Kingsley Rice, is a joke; Aquaman's real name is Arthur Curry, and he is traditionally the King of Atlantis. Marvel Comics made the storyline where he was from the alternate universe of Earth-712, is a member of the heroic "Squadron Supreme." He was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. Thomas also created the Squadron Supreme (a Marvel super team analogous to DC's Justice League of America) which first appeared in The Avengers #85.


    A mutant, Kingsley Rice was a founding member of the Earth-712 team the Squadron Supreme. He served with the team for some time, clashing with the Avengers and being defeated by Hellcat who had been sent to the Squadron's Earth by minions of the Serpent Crown.

    Strength of the Seven Seas
    Strength of the Seven Seas

    As the Squadron attempted to develop a new form of government to resolve from ever going through the same horrible situation again, they developed the Utopian Project. After believing that the Power Princess's former life on Utopia Island proved to be the best example of the future of society on their Earth the teams' alliances started to change. Amphibian felt that the behavior modification machines created by Tom Thumb were against the natural balance of mankind and believed that their use was innately wrong. Objecting with a few other members against the use of the machines he was voted down by the majority of the team who agreed in seeing its use go through.

    After seeing former super criminals and adversaries' behavior modified, Amphibian decided to take matters into his own hands. Going to Tom Thumbs lab he destroyed every Behavior Modification machine that he found. He then left the group over their controversial Utopia Project, which he saw as super-humans taking over the world for the "greater good".

    Due to his quitting the team, Kingsley was not involved in the battle where another member who quit the team in protest, Nighthawk, led a team called the Redeemers to overthrow the Squadron and their Utopia Program.

    When the Squadron had been stuck on the Avenger's home dimension of Earth while combining forces with the cosmic hero named Quasar, they came home to a revolutionized world with warrants out for any Squadron member found. The few members left then had the task of reuniting all of the surviving founders of the Squadron.

    The Power Princess went looking for Amphibian and convinced him to return to the surface world and help his former teammates in bringing freedom to the world, as she had seen the ill of her Utopian Project. Amphibian came back to Utopia Island with Power Princess where he then rejoined the Squadron. Amphibian fought alongside the Squadron to attack the current evil government, the Global Directorate and succeeded in toppling its reign.


    Weight: 180 lbs.

    Height: 6'0"

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Red

    Unusual Attributes: Pale greyish skin, gills, large black fish-like eyes, webbed and claw-like hands and feet when underwater.

    Powers and Attributes

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    Amphibian's mutant powers allow his body to adapt to undersea conditions; the deeper he swims, the more fish like his metabolism and physiology become. As Kingsley spends more time in water and adapts to the environment, his appearance becomes less human and more fish-like. He gains claws in this form.

    He is a powerful swimmer and can swim to inhuman speeds, and depths. He also has superhuman strength and was once seen overturning a tank with the aid of Power Princess. His huge amounts of stamina increase the deeper he swims underwater. He also has the ability to communicate with ocean mammals and keeps company with Dolphins.


    Supreme power

    The daughter of "Phil" and "Debbie," not much is known about the second Amphibian, or Kingsley as Dr. Spectrum calls her. When Debbie was pregnant with Amphibian, she and Phil were driving, probably to the hospital as they had to pull over suddenly and Debbie had the baby then and there. Phil and Debbie both snapped when they saw it, and Phil took off running, while Debbie waded out into the nearby ocean, and tried to drown herself and the baby. Amphibian swam off and wasn't heard from or seen again for a long time.

    Beauty from the seas
    Beauty from the seas

    When she met some divers, they freaked out as well. A picture of Amphibian carrying one of the dead divers ashore was taken, and the camera eventually found. It looked as though Amphibian had intentionally tried to kill the divers and was taken as such until Joe Ledger/ Dr. Spectrum befriended her when the crystal had taken him underwater to recuperate from a fight with Hyperion. It was his vouching for her that got the government to clear up the bad PR and bring her aboard the Squadron Supreme. It's presumed the mutation was caused by the nano-virus released from Hyperion's spaceship when it first came to Earth.

    Amphibian's second encounter with humans happened after the confrontation between Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum. At this point, Amphibian discovers Doctor Spectrum on the ocean floor, regenerating in a cocoon generated by his power crystal. When he awakens, they discover that she has some form of telepathic ability and are able to converse.

    Spectrum finds himself attracted to her and promises to return after reporting to his superiors. When he does, he takes her to a remote vacation home that once belonged to one of his targets. He's integrated the house with a giant open-air salt-water aquarium, and Amphibian is quite pleased with her new accommodations. Spectrum then voices his attraction to her and christens her "Kingsley Rice".

    Kingsley is among the superhumans that either volunteer or are drafted into the Squadron Supreme. As a member of that team, she is also given the codename "Amphibian".

    The Squadron Supreme of Earth-31916 later confronted Earth-616's Cabal during an Incursion to their universe. Amphibian and her fellow Squadron members perished in combat right before their Earth was destroyed by the Cabal, so theirs could live on.


    No Caption Provided

    Weight: 115 lbs.

    Height: 5'6"

    Eyes: Amber

    Hair: None (has sharp fin coming out of the top of the scalp)

    Skin: Blue with black markings

    Amphibian is an exotically alien and strange beauty. She has a petite and toned frame. Her skin is colored different hues of blue with black and yellow markings. She also has fins at her wrists, ankles, and middle of her scalp. She has sharp nails at her hands and feet and bright amber colored eyes. For the most part Amphibian was nude, not needing cloth in the watery world she lived in. However, when she joined the Squadron, she was given a uniform. This bathing suit is blue green with yellow coloring.

    Powers and Abilities

    Amphibian mutant physiology has several innate superhuman attributes. She has nominal telepathic abilities, she is able to perceive luminous halos around certain individuals, including Power Princess and Doctor Spectrum, which apparently allude to their nature. She has superhuman strength and stamina and has retractable organs similar to that of a predatory fish such as gills, spines, fins, sharp claws. She extends these fins when expressing intense emotion.

    Her mutant physiology allows her body to adapt to undersea conditions; the deeper she swims, the more her fish like metabolism copes with the environmental pressures.


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