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    Amos Fortune is a villain obsessed with luck who founded and led the Royal Flush Gang at an early age. A gang consisting of Amos' "body guards" from the days he gambled at school. He also discovered the existence of "Luck Glands" and manipulates the luck into his favor.

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    When Amos was a teenager, his father died and left him nothing but a "lucky" deck of card as his inheritance, he played with them constantly, because they were the only things that reminded him of his father, and finally became very good at it. At the same time he started to learn how to defend himself, because other school children bullied him. In the age of sixteen he began to earn money gambling his schoolmates and employed four students to serve as his bodyguards. He became close friends with them (as he said, "these four would become the closest thing I've ever had to friends"). Sometime later they began to rob local shops, and their activity brought them to Jimmy the Gent, local mob boss, who hired them. Under his guidance they've quickly moved to bigger targets and all of their efforts were lucky.

    Impressed by their achievements, Jimmy advised Amos to bring his gang to a private poker game in downtown. In fact, it was his first game with big guys and it was crowned with success, but the poker club believed that they were cheating and ended with a full-scale shootout. However, Amos and his band were skilled hand-to-hand combatants and defeated them without difficulties. When they were gathering money, Amos saw an ace and it inspired him to create card-like suits for his partners and assume the name "Royal Flush Gang". They didn't return the money to Jimmy and instead used them to construct some high-tech weaponry.


    Amos Fortune was created for use in DC Comics by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky as an antagonist for the Justice League of America. He made his first appearance in Justice League #6 which was released in September, 1961.

    Character Evolution

    Upon growing up, Amos found himself fascinated (and obsessed) with luck. He eventually theorized that human beings have "luck glands" that focus "stellaration" or "luck magics" from the stars. These supposedly determine how lucky or unlucky they'll be in life. With this information he went on to using these "luck glands" to manipulate the luck of himself and others in order to commit crimes.

    Major Story Arcs

    The criminal efforts of the Royal Flush Gang eventually pulled them into several run-ins with Justice League of America, and all of their weapons were merely useless against the super-powered heroes. After series of defeats Amos decided to start recruiting more affiliates into Royal Flush Gang. They recruited new members in every city they could, creating chapters of Royal Flush Gang in every city of America.

    After the Royal Flush Gang was defeated twice by the Justice League, Amos decides to leave the group and create another the Luck League, whose members could copy the powers of the Justice League of America. A short time later, Amos and the Luck League fought against the Justice League Europe; however, they were beaten as Fortune's luck ran out.

    Amos makes various minor appearances, first in the Villains United story arc, being injured but surviving after the House of Secrets was blown up by Parademon. Next, in the story volume Infinite Crisis Special: Villains United, he later joins Scarecrow in escaping the holding facility Enclave M. Knockout later throws Amos from the Secret Six's helicopter after he insulted Knockout’s mate, Scandal. While Amos was falling to his impending death, he expressed regret to himself that his incredibly talents were not used for the betterment of mankind as opposed to a life of crime.

    Following the events of Infinite Crisis Special: Villains United, Amos was presumed dead after being thrown out of a helicopter by Knockout; however, he is later shown in JSA Classified, plotting against the Justice League of America using both Wizard and Wildcat as his pawns, the first to focus his ‘luck magicks’, and the second he mind controls and due to the stellaration energy (luck magicks) increases in power with each fight Wildcat wins over a Justice League of America member. Lead by Amos, the current and past Royal Flush Gang engage the Justice League of America and others in battle, including Aquaman, Gypsy, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Steel, and Vixen, as they try to thwart Fortune’s plot.

    Fortune, codename “Wild Card”, is later shown to have created a new Royal Flush Gang which is made up of numerous “cells” representing each card jacket, and leads them into battle against the Justice League of America as part of a game between himself and Roulette. Amos’ new Flush Gang is easily defeated and both Fortune and Roulette manage to escape, and sometime later his past actions come back to haunt him. The wife of a former Royal Flush Gang member lures Amos to a warehouse and shoots him in the face at pointblank range. Amos Fortune’s current health and whereabouts are unknown, he is presumed dead.

    New 52 Justice League

    Professor Amos Fortune returns as an adversary to the Justice League.

    Powers and Abilities

    Amos grew up a very talented gambler, having everyday experiences of gambling from school days, specifically with his "lucky" deck of cards. He also acquires great hand-to-hand combat skills, as he picked up at an early age. He has also been labeled a mad genius and armorer, having invented "Stimlock" devices, deriving from his discovery of the existence of "Luck Glands" after getting his hands on odds-alternating technology. The Stimlock device is known to affect a person's chances of good luck probabilities. Fortune is one who manipulates luck in his favor and relies on the hands of luck to decide the fate of others.

    Other Media


    James Kindnie as Amos Fortune in Smallville
    James Kindnie as Amos Fortune in Smallville

    In Season 10, Amos Fortune's casino, The Fortune Casino, is the location where Clark and Lois have their bachelor and bachelorette parties. After an intoxicated Clark Kent robs one of his armored trucks carrying a lot of money, Amos sends his henchmen to capture Emil Hamilton for stealing his money. Unfortunately, Amos was planning to steal the money from the armored truck. He also captures Green Arrow and Lois Lane after they found out that Lois has been rigged of the Black Jack game for her engagement ring. James Kindnie portrays Amos Fortune.


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