Amnesty Bay

    Location » Amnesty Bay appears in 147 issues.

    The Amnesty Bay is where Aquaman (Arthur Curry) was born and raised, Also where he was buried next to his father after his death.

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    Aquaman's birthplace. Located in Maine, United States. Over the years it has become an important location within Aquaman's cosmology.

    This is where Tom Curry and Atlanna lived together, until her departure for Atlantis. Years later it became the place where Arthur and Black Manta first met, when he was hired by Dr. Shin to get a sample of Arthur's blood. As a result of this, Tom Curry was confronted with the aggressor, was wounded and subsequently died three days later. An action that motivated Aquaman to go in search of Black Manta as revenge.

    After these events, Aquaman left his home until a year later, when he returned carrying the Dead King's Trident. Later it was the place of residence of Mera and Arthur after his abdication as King of Atlantis in favor of his brother Orm.


    After the events of the Throne of Atlantis and Arthur's return to power in Atlantis, the city was attacked by Black Manta and N.E.M.O. through the Shaggy Man. It became the home of Mera and Tula again after Corum Rath came to power in Atlantis and the apparent death of Arthur at the hands of Murk. Following the Atlantis civil war and the crowning of Mera as its queen, Amnesty Bay became Tula's residence.

    After Mera assassinates Arthur, and the return to life of him, Aquaman lives again in Amnesty Bay, in addition to helping the Sea Gods of the World, also settle in the town. Blach Manta's attack, within the events of the Year of the Villain, to the city by means of the Mecha-Manta is the last attack that the city has suffered. Since then it has been Aquaman's main base of operations.


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