Ammonia Pine

    Character » Ammonia Pine appears in 16 issues.

    A F.O.W.L. Agent who is obsessed with cleaning

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    "She was a cleaning lady at a research lab until an accident with an experimental bathroom disinfectant. The fumes twisted her into the Mrs. Hyde of the cleaning world. Now, she scrubs for F.O.W.L."

                                                                -- Darkwing Duck


    Ammonia was created for the TV show Darkwing Duck. She was adapted for comics by Ian Brill and James Silvani.

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
     Before all the darkwings of the multiverse attacked, Ammonia robbed a Quackwerks cleaning supply warehouse. She threatened to make an A-Bomb (an Air freshener Bomb). The St. Canard Police were on her tail (and really wishing to have lasers) when the burning arrow barring viligant, they thought was Darkwing, shot at their tires.
    F.O.W.L. Dispostion
    Ammonia was next seen as part of F.O.W.L. once again.
    When she learned that the F.O.W.L. High command was going to summon the all powerful Duckthulhu, she decided to suport them because she hoped the being would destroy all the dirt and germs on the earth.

    Later still, she fights and captures Quiverwing Quack and Arrow kid with the short lived assistance from Flygirl and Hotshot. She also fights Femme Fatale before finally Morgana steps in and uses her magic to change Ammonia into the thing she dispises the most: Mud!


    Ammonia's sister, Ample Grime , is the complete opposite of her sister. She loves dirt. She also works for F.O.W.L.

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