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    "Amy Winston" is the long lost princess of Amethyst on Gemworld. She was also a Lord of Order before the New 52 reboot.

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    Princess Amethyst
    Princess Amethyst

    Amethyst's real name is Amy Winston. As a small infant her parents, the rulers of the House of Amethyst on Gemworld, were both murdered by Dark Opal. She was rescued by a witch named Citrina who escaped with her to Earth. By the time of her thirteenth birthday she is still unaware of her heritage, but on this day much becomes revealed to her. A tiny lizard enters the Winston home and replaces her birthday present with a magical amethyst necklace. She is soon after kidnapped in her room by a hideous ogre, who takes her to Fortress Opal in Gemworld. During the journey there she is transformed into a 20 year old woman. She is soon introduced to one of Dark Opal’s minions, Sardonyx. She is ordered to be taken to the Dark Opal by the Ogre but she is soon rescued by Granch a servant for the House of Amethyst. She is reunited with Citrina who reveals that she intended to tell her of her past, just not in such a shocking manner. She is explained the system by which Gemworld works, with the twelve houses, each of which has a focal stone and to which the House of Amethyst is the ruling member. She thus begins to live a dual life, part on Earth and part on Gemworld as the heir to the magical power. Everytime she visits Gemworld she ages by 7 years due to differences in time.

    The new 52 origin of the character is as of yet not fully clear, though it seems to fit in with the previous origin in most regards.


    Her first appearance was in Legion of Super-Heroes #298 in 1983 in a free insert intended as an introduction to the character. Soon after her solo maxi-series was launched in 1983 from creators Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin and Ernie Colon.

    Character Evolution

    The power of Amethyst
    The power of Amethyst

    As a character that had heroism thrust upon her as opposed to choosing it as a path, she struggled in her early adventures. However, as she accepted the importance of her birthright she has become a strong capable heroine and ruler.

    In the New 52 universe, Amy's history is changed quite substantially as seen in the section below.

    Major Story Arcs

    Her earliest adventure dealt with her accepting her role as ruler of the House of Amethyst despite her occasional desire to return to the life which she knew. When it is revealed to the princess of her true past, Castle Amethyst is besieged by the armies of the Dark Opal. She is initially reluctant to lead but she is reminded of her place as leader and that her people need her. After embracing her magical abilities, though still inexperienced with them, she is able to defeat the forces of Dark Opal and Sardonyx. Despite her success she still desires to return to her adoptive home.

    Returning to her adoptive family, the entirety of the Winstons are confused as to what has happened to her, most especially Amy, who wonders if the whole incident was not just imagined or a dream. She tests her amethyst necklace and discovers that she can create a rift between Earth and Gemworld and in so doing that her adventures did in fact occur. She would begin to travel back and forth between the worlds more frequently, and eventually becomes quite involved in Gemworld. She rallies support among the twelve houses for those that oppose Dark Opal and eventually free Gemworld of his tyrannical leadership. With the realm freed of its oppressor, she decides to return permanently to Earth, but her absence leads to infighting among the recently unified twelve houses.

    The Lord of Chaos takes advantage of this absence and takes control of the realm himself with this new friction among the leaders of the realm. The princess soon learns from Doctor Fate that she is in fact a Lord of Order (as was her father.) This is an interesting revelation as she is the only one with a human form. She is forced into battle with a Lord of Chaos known as the Child and his minion Flaw. After defeating them she enters into battle with the Lord of Chaos, but in order to defeat him she is forced to merge with him before merging him with Gemworld itself.

    Princess Amethyst returns during the events of Infinite Crisis. She first battles the Spectre on Gemworld and after surviving the encounter she was among the remaining sorcerers and sorceresses who combined their magical ability to summon the spirit of vengeance to Stonehenge. In the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, many of the magic users were destroyed by the Spectre. This effectively ended the Ninth Age of Magic. She was also later shortly seen during the events of Flashpoint as a member of the Secret Seven.

    Post Flashpoint


    Amy and Her Mother Training
    Amy and Her Mother Training

    Amy Winston is a sixteen year-old high school student who doesn't seem to fit in with her peers. The reasons unbeknownst to her and much to her chagrin, every day of her life her mother has been training her in swordsmanship and combat. Feeling as though she doesn't belong, she yearns to return to her hometown, and her mother promises that on her seventeenth birthday they will return there. The night of her birthday Amy's mother brings her into the woods where they arrive at a violet crystal in the ground. The crystal acts as a portal to Gemworld and the two use it to travel there. When they arrive Amy learns that much of her life has been a lie, but they are caught in a situation that doesn't leave her a moment to take it all in, and Amy is forced into action. Amy's mother, Queen Graciel, had been keeping her hidden on Earth where she would remain safe until the day, her seventeenth birthday, that she would be strong enough to reclaim power and the throne of Gemworld from her aunt, Lady Mordiel.

    Personal Information

    Princess Amethyst
    Princess Amethyst
    • Real Name: Amy Winston
    • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
    • Occupation: Lord of Order, princess (sometimes Queen) of Gemworld
    • Base: Gemworld
    • Weight: 134lbs
    • Eyes: Violet
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Status: Super Hero
    • Group: Homo Magi

    Princess Amy is extremely beautiful and graceful. She has gold blonde hair and purple eyes. Personaity wise, Amethyst is very caring and sweet, and she will always do what she thinks is right. she always put the needs of others before hers. She has sarificed a lot for her people. Despite just being a child, she works as a superhero and has joined many superhero teams like the Justice League Dark, Shadowpact, etc.

    Powers and Abilities

    Amethyst creating weapon hard constructs
    Amethyst creating weapon hard constructs

    Amethyst is a hybrid of two worlds. Not only can she create hard constructs like weapons, shieds, etc., she can also cast spells like any other maagical characters in the DC universe. Princess or Queen Amethyst is the most powerful user of magic in Gemworld, rivaled in ability only by Mordru. As with most practitioners of magic, this gives her a wide range of abilities, as essentially anything she can conceive to accomplish with magic is possible. Although hesitant at the beginning to be a ruler for her people, she has proven that she is a capable and compassionate leader.

    Thus far in the new 52 she is still learning to use her powers. This translates for her in different ways. The primary way is to create amethyst structures which she has been shown to use for either defensive shields or offensive weapons such as claws. She has also been shown to be resistant to magic because of her paternal lineage. She shows some natural ability to harness these powers, though at some times also lacks the control. In advance of her return to Gemworld her mother trained her in a variety of skills including swordsmanship and horse riding.

    Alternate Versions

    Princess Amethyst appeared in the Convergence crossover in which she is re-imagined as a villain.

    She also makes an appearance in the Flashpoint crossover where she was a member of the Secret Seven.

    Other Media


    DC Nation

    Princess Amethyst taking flight
    Princess Amethyst taking flight

    In 2013 Amethyst received her own series of shorts appearing in the DC Nation Saturday morning block on Cartoon Network. In the shorts, Gemworld is a video game played by Amy Winston which she gets pulled into and proceeds through the levels to take on Dark Opal. She was voiced by Sophie Oda.

    DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

    Princess Amethyst and her flying magical horse from DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year
    Princess Amethyst and her flying magical horse from DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

    Princess Amethyst appears in a flashback. She, and her guards, captured Eclipso and Dark Opal. She imprisoned Opal and banished Eclipso out of Gem World. She is voiced by Christian Pucelli.

    Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

    Amethyst is sitting next to Speedy and Wonder Girl and  behind Superirl
    Amethyst is sitting next to Speedy and Wonder Girl and behind Superirl

    In the movie, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, pprincess can be seen in the movie theater sitting next to Wonder Girl and Speedy.


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