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The true origin of Gemworld is revealed in this two-part story.

The Gemworld is not out of danger yet, as Amethyst learns more about her new relationship to the world of her birth. The Ancient Ones prepare a hideous revenge.

We see in this issue some demon flunky for the ancient ones peering over a sleeping Amy Winston a.k.a. Amethyst's 13 year old alter ego. Amethyst returns and Amy is about to wake up but the demon attacks and sends her to a dream from whence she might not wake up.Amy sees Citrina but remembers she dies last issue . We lear this thing is called Dream Weaver (a 70's song?). He or she tells Amy it is not her right to rule and it is upsetting the ancient ones. Weaver tells Amy to stay with him through a dream of understanding and that she must remain as Amy and not resist him.he questions it and he responds it is an ancient debt through Citrina.Back on earth at the Winston household Mr Winston wishes Emmy to use her magic to grade essays she says no and is happy enjoying earth life and school and it's wonders. She goes to do her homework and check on Amy's sleeping body but she sees Dream Weaver. Amy tries to wake up but is still under Weaver's spell. Weaver is retelling Amy recent history and decieving her and lieing how it all went down. Even telling her and asking if she wants to see the brginning before the beginning so she can understand whaqt the ancients ones want her to knowand see and then pay.

ack on earth the counter part of Carnellian , Carl has given Rita a classmate of Amy's a cameo. On Gemworld Prince Garnet is climboing a snowy peak. He reaches the top and speaks to an ancient one who is mad at his defiance and tells Garnet to serve them or perish whith the rest in Gemworld.Dream Weaver shows more to Amy in her dream the history of Gemworld and goes to show her the pact that Citrina made with the ancient ones. The deal was for Gemworld to survuve till Citrina passes for it shall go to.And the magic will go to the ancient ones as well.Citrina had as of the last issue breached the pact by remaking Gemworld through Amethyst. Dream Weaver is ready to kill Amy who is powerless to resist. Princess Emerald and the Winstons dog attack Dreamm Weaver on earth and stops his plan of killing Amy for the moment it seems.

Amy wakes up and thanks Emmy. She then tells her the story. And it is figured out that the ancients brioke the pact first due to Citrina death being premature and not natural. That it is Amethyst's duty to keep the Gemworld going.So with new and stronger magic and abilities Amy creates and tries a new route to reach Gemworld. It works and she arrives in Gemworld.


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