Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld #8

    Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld » Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld #8 - Rebirth released by DC Comics on August 1985.

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    Fire Jade’s true identity is revealed, and Citrina’s fate is decided! But will Amethyst ever be the same again?

    On the Gemworld, Amy and her allies are preparing for what could be the last battle against Fire Jade. Who will prevail? If Fire Jade managed to kill Citrina, everyone could disappear forever in the Gemworld.

    This issue we start with Amethyst talking to everyone and the revelation thatFire jadeis really and might be Lady Emerald.. This makes all the rulers of Gemworld to ponder how and why.Some say it was due to Citrina's weakening condition that the magic fabric grew fragile It is also revealed that if Citrina dies so will the Gemworld since she created it from bits of magic from many other realms.

    Just then Fire Jade attacks.The battle of all battles takes place . Fire Jade is trying to tear Gemworld asunder and recreate it her way just like Citrina did so that she may live forever.Fire Jade brings up emeralds and in turn they are her allies from the Twilight Realm "twixt life and death" (not those stupid vampire , werewolf movies either thank god but these creatures do sparkle, lol).

    Back on earth The Winstons (Amethyst's earth adoptive parents and Lady Emeralds sister princess Emerald show Tom afriend of Amy why she is sleeping and reveal who she is and the Gemworld and who Emmy really is.

    In Gemworld our heroes are battling the wraiths . Amethyst trying to find a way to defeat them stabs an emerald and finds the way to beating those things.Lady Emerald attempts a do a spell but is caught in a wind gust created by Fire Jade and Prince Garnet flies up to save her but is caught by another creature made by Fire jade.

    Amethyst is about to defeat Fire Jade but Jade is warned by Lady Emerald just becasue Fire Jade is still her mother.But they still aren't sure if they can defeat her because she's dead.

    High above Prince Topaz and Lady Turqoise watch the battle with a strange man who is called White Opal Dark Opal's brother.Back on the land of Emerald the battle is done for a brief minute with Amethyst and Lady Emerald and Garnet trying to figure out what is best to do with Fire Jade. Emerald kneels by Fire Jade who revives and starts to steal Emeralds life force.Fire Jade melts the roof and Amethyst saves them all from the fall. Fire Kade attacks but Lady Emerals body is escaping somehow thanks to herdaughters force being stolen thanks to Fire Jade.The flame dies and Lady Emerald is back but if anyone touches her they go too with her in death. She then says that Amethyst and crew must rescue Citrina from the Stalker Of Souls (The Undertaker from WWE?). Garnet then says that on Earth it is called the Angel of Death. Off to Castle Amethyst they go. Citrina is awake near death though.The stalker appears telling Amethyst that the magic is returning but is it to late?

    Lady Emerald the dead one wrestles with the stalker , while Citrina tells Garnet that since he trained with the ancient ones to mind meld her and Amethyst. He does and it appears through this GemWorld is recreated.. Citrina passes but Amethyst now has more knowledge and power . Lady Emeralds spirit leaves too and it appears back on earth Amy is waking up.


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