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After an unsuccessful attempt by Lord Sardonyx to capture the princess Amethyst, Carnelian, the son of Dark Opal, tries his luck at the task.

Although the habitual passage to the Gemworld is still closed, Amethyst is once again in this world while her physical body remains on her earth house, at Hudson city.

Some islanders from the Aquamarine's islands disagree with the methods of their leader, Lord Aquamarine. Fire Jade uses one of this islanders, Quaar, to fight this Lord. Lord Sardonyx finds that his castle seems to have disappeared.

This issue starts out the outside of the Winston's home Carnelian is outside seeing just like we all are that Amy aka Amethyst is sleeping in a trance separated from each other. Her mother Marion wants to be next to her and wake her up but that might mean death. We then head to Gemworld where we see Citrina in a fever like state and Amethyst's magic can not penetrate whatever has Citrina. Being careful Amethyst puts Citrina in a bed of flowers to hold Citrina so she doe. s not wander aimlessly. She then goes off to be with Garnet who is at a convocation of the Nobles at the Diamond Temple. We see a fisherman named Quaar who is fighting a sea monster which is pretty cool to see. He then is next seen coming to shore with the beast hauled in.

Having a big feast the village dines on the beach only to be persecuted by one of Lord Aquamarine's henchmen.

In a poof of magic Fire Jade appears and destroys the henchmen and tricks the villagers to help her. Amethyst arrives but sees Aquamarine and Turquoise leaving.Suddenly Prince Topaz attacks them only to knock Turquoise off to catch her and on the ground near an unseen Amethyst embrace each other leaving us with seeing tears in Amethyst eyes. Fire Jade sends Quaar and the village fisherman to rile up and attack Aquamarines palace. Unbeknownst to Quaar and his friends Fire jade is using them so that she might rule by any means necessary. Amethyst is still at the Diamond Temple and unknowingly brings in a creature she briefly battles it and is able to send it back through the portal. Meanwhile we get a cameo of the Monitor and Lyla looking at a sleeping Amy. We then see Lord Sardonyx going home but home is not there.


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