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The battle raged on the ground of the fortress Opal.

A decision is made regarding the state of Lady Emerald.

Lord Sardonyx realizes that integrity is not part of the values of Dark Opal.

As we enter this issue we outside the House of Opal we see Carnellian with the amethyst piece he picked up last issue. However Dark Opal sees all and hears all and has took it from his son.Meanwhile Amethyst and her crew and friends fly to house Opal preparing for the final battle .They fly down and battle begins and Amethyst wishes for Topaz to be there but hewas delivered to his sister Lady Topaz by their soldiers. Topaz tries to talk sense to his sister and Lady Saphire to join with Amethyst.At Castle Emerald the vizier is still trying to recruit Lady Emerald's help against Dark Opal.

We go back to Fortress Opal and while the battle rages on outside Dark Opal is waiting for his master weapon to be finished and he can use it a breastplate with all the gems in it. A strong wind picks up and the Varn come back. This time they do take Sardonyx with them and of course he is hurt and fearful of the payment and the betrayal of his leader.Dark Opal is feeling no remorse. Outside the battle continues.Amethyst and Garnet battle a soil monster who when touches th ground doubles in size. They manage to defeat it . Back at Tpaz Keep Topaz has convinced his sister and Saphirre to join the resistance. Carellian finds the snake who betrayed him and Dark Opal after betraying Sardonyx betrays his son too by giving him the mark that Citrina gave him.

Now Opal goes to the breastplate which has to cool, however he does not wait and with the searingheat he puts it on for the power and glory and waits for Amethyst and her friends.

Princess Emeralds both of them fall of their winged horses back at Castle Emerald the Vizier has done what was needed and poisoned Lady Emerald to her death and the older princess Emerald now has magic and saves her younger sister. Topaz and his sister and Lady Saphire arrive as we see Amethyst and friends enter at the site of Dark Opal ready for the final showdown.


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This issue we know the last issue is coming. However there was to me too much action and too much going by. I mean couldn't we have more revelations to explain it all for everyone to figure out the what's and the why's. That being said . nI wish I had more of this maybe i will down the road to understand this. This has really surprised me. I thought this would be hearts and flowers but I am really surprised  that they made Amethyst to be a strong female charachter . Not like todays women with bi...

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