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The Gemworld is thrust into deadly darkness as the Ancient Ones make their move. Amethyst faces her greatest danger.

Carnelian is still trying to put his hand on the fragment of the stone amethyst that Granch lost. The link between the Prince Topaz and Amethyst is becoming greater. The prince wants to convince his sister to change her mind and join the ranks of the princess rather than encouraging the fortress Opal.

Amethyst go with the young princess Emerald to try to retrieve the fragment that seeks Carnelian.

The final battle is brewing in the two camps.

Dark Opal is still planning awaiting the final battle . He is talking to Sardonyx who questions D.O. who says he knows Garnet's mind and strategy. Sardonyx questions that since Opal has never defeated him.Carnellian is off to do wo knows what gether or retrieve we don't know just yet.Meanwhile we see Amethyst talking to Topaz about trying to convince his sister to join them. The two embrace and are spied on by princess emerald.Who sees that Amethyst's gem is in trouble the and Citrine with her help find that a piece of the true amethyst is in Opal's land.Amethyst andher friends get ready for the big battle and leave for D.O's land. At the House of Opal the Varn have come for their payment even though the bothched the job. Dark Opal does not wish to pay and as payment as per the contract they take Sardonyx with hem but they are all driven out by Opal using his magic to banish them all.Amethyst and Emerald arrive but are seen by Carnellian riding an inefficient snow mobile since there is no snow. He uses a gun and knocks them out of the sky. At Castle Amethyst they plans for the big battle are talked about however frustrated lady emerald yells at Citrina for not telling the generals who her mother is and now is quite insane.

Lady Emerald is seen singing like a little girl and is talking to her father;s vizier but se is mad and kills him in her outburst it seems.Little Emerald is revived and sees the dragon about to attack an unconcious Amethyst. Carnellian has eath guns and grenades and fights the dragon who he sees has the amethyst gem. .Carnellian retrieves the gem and leaves with it. Prince Topaz returns home only to be stopped and looks to be arrested by the troops per his sisters command..


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