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    Disillusioned at the law's inability to protect society from the lawless, Houston police officer Bart Gallows resigned from the force and became America's self-appointed top law-enforcement official: Americop.

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    Bart was in law enforcement in Houston, Texas, but quit so he could become America’s law enforcement officer. He became Americop. Believing himself to be the future of law enforcement, Americop traversed the nation, monitoring police scanners and meting out justice to those he deemed perpetrators, acting as judge, jury and, more often than not, executioner. Occasionally, confiscating money from drug busts, he donated half to drug rehabilitation programs and kept the remainder to maintain his arsenal.

    He resides in the lower two hundreds of the FBI's Most Wanted List, thanks in large to his penchant for murdering the very murderers who rank above him.


    Americop was created by Mark Gruenwald and Dave Hoover in 1994 and first appeared in Captain America #428. He appeared in subsequent issues as an antagonist to the eponymous hero.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fighting Chance

    While tracking a child abduction ring across the U.S., Americop clashed with Captain America, who was appalled by his brutality. Americop's investigation led him to the New Orleans mansion of indestructible munitions magnate Damon Dran.

    Although initially subdued by a gas grenade attack and imprisoned alongside Captain America, the determined Americop broke free and killed several of Dran's mercenaries. He shot down Dran's retreating helicopter before escaping. He mistakenly believed that he had killed Damon.

    Civil War and the Initiative

    Norman Osborn sent Bullseye, Penance and the Thunderbolts to apprehend him for failing to register with the Superhuman Registration Act. During this fight Penance let out an energy surge which paralyzed Americop. So Bullseye and Penance took him back to Thunderbolt Mountain.

    Captain America Corps

    The Contemplator assembled a group of Captain Americas from through-out the ages in hopes of saving an alternate future where Captain America was never discovered by the Avengers. In this world, the original Avengers quit and without Captain America to form a new team, a new team forms which includes Americop among other like-minded patriots. This team of Avengers policies the country and in this world the Americop has actually become the future of law enforcement; with local law enforcement being upheld by a team of soldiers dressed as the Americop.

    Powers and Abilities

    Americop vs. Penance
    Americop vs. Penance

    A formidable martial artist and strategist, Americop carries .45 caliber pistols, a baton, and a fixed blade tactical knife. He wears bulletproof Kevlar body armor, a ballistic facemask, and a customized cap which doubles as a throwing weapon.

    His pick-up truck has a roof-mounted lightbar, police siren, public address system, and bulletproof armor and windows.

    Physical attributes

    Height: 6'1''

    Weight: 225 lbs.

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Red


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