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    Founded by Will Eisner, they produced the U.S. Army’s comic book.

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    Founded by Will Eisner in 1951, AVC was based on work Eisner had done during World War II after convincing the U.S. Army that an instruction manual in the form like a comic book would be useful for training this resulted in Army Motors.

    The first publication of American Visual Corporation was PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly a digest-sized magazine that had a mix of text articles with a strong graphic element, outright comics, and straight text.

    During its more than 20 year run it became the Armies comic book.

    Eisner along with other artists from the comics such as Mike Ploog and Klaus Nordling, also produced a number of other comics for the business world via AVC, with some of their clients being Fram Motors, RCA Records, a number of utility companies, Remington Firearms, and the Baltimore Colts. As well as producing a series featuring a character called Daredevil Davey to help children think about what they want to be when they grown up, and one shot educational comics for schools.

    AVC never used a logo on the covers of their comics so as not to give the impression that two diverse and perhaps competing companies were somehow linked.



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