American Vampire #5

    American Vampire » American Vampire #5 - Curtain Call; If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee, Cut it Off released by Vertigo on September 1, 2010.

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    It all comes down to this: revenge. It's payback time, as fledgling vampire Pearl Jones finally confronts the vicious Hollywood coven that left her for dead, and Will Bunting reveals the final, shocking chapter in the saga of James Book and his deadliest adversary, American vampire Skinner Sweet. Be there for the unforgettable, double conclusion to the first arc of AMERICAN VAMPIRE.

    “Curtain Call”. 1925. Pearl Jones and Henry Preston arm themselves with wooden weapons and confront B. D. Bloch and two associates. They defeat two with stakes and Pearl kills B. D. Bloch by exposing him to the sun. Pearl then confronts Hattie Jones on a movie set. In a flashback, we learn that Hattie intentionally turned herself into a vampire by cutting herself with the knife she cut Pearl with in the last issue. Pearl kills Hattie using the golden star from her dressing room.

    Later, on a boardwalk, Pearl and Henry discuss their future plans. While Henry is briefly gone, Skinner Sweet approaches Pearl and tells her that he had been thinking about killing her, but changed his mind. Skinner says goodbye, but tells Pearl it “won’t be the last time”. Henry returns and he and Pearl begin the next stage of their lives together.

    “If the Right Hand Offend Thee, Cut It Off”. 1912. Will Bunting continues his reading of “Bad Blood” at a bookstore. Three years after having been turned into a vampire, James Book struggles with his nature. He resorts to feeding on small animals to quench his thirst and hires quack doctors to try and cure him.

    Back in Lakeview, men hired by Mr. Percy unearth Skinner Sweet with the intention of escorting him back to Percy. Sweet kills the men and eventually finds Percy’s mansion. Percy offers Sweet a deal – to join Percy and the old world vampires. Sweet declines by dragging Percy into the sunlight on his lawn and killing him. Skinner leaves muttering about his “plans”.

    Book finally begs Abilena Camillo to kill him. Abilena agrees, but under the condition that Book sleeps with her that night. They make love and Abilena shoots Book under the moonless night. Later, Abilena visits Book’s gravesite with their daughter. Back at the book reading, Bunting says that Book never gave in to Sweet and that is the happiest ending he can offer. During a book signing, a shaken man from the audience hands Bunting a letter from Sweet that mocks Bunting and his mortality. The first story arc ends with Sweet standing outside the bookstore and he is being watched by an older Abilena Camillo and her daughter Felicia. Apparently the two have future plans for Skinner Sweet.



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    More Skinner? 0

    SynopsisThe first "arc" comes to an end in this issue. Perl gets her revenge and Skinner (in a co-feature) makes his presence known. If I'm not mistaken, this is the last issue where Stephen King is involved--I could be wrong. So far on this series, so good. Is it me or is this an over-sized issue? It seems like this book is a bit on the heavy side.The GoodThe battles in the main story. The new age vampires vs. old school vamps in their home. It was a battle royal and I loved every minute of it....

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Edward and who cares we have Skinner and Pearl 0

     This may be my longest review strap in and enjoy the ride!    My love affair with Vamps goes back quite sometime to my Saturday afternoons with the classic black and white Bela Lugosi Dracula.  This "love" was solidified with Frank Langella and of course the crap was scared out of me with Stephen King's Salem Lot mini series.  I was supposed to be too young to watch this but we lived in an old house and upstairs heater vent was merely an opening in the floor that allowed one industrio...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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