American Vampire #4

    American Vampire » American Vampire #4 - Double Exposure; One Drop of Blood released by Vertigo on August 1, 2010.

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    It's high noon for the American vampire as Pearl Jones faces off with the coven that ended her human life and Skinner Sweet gets the showdown he's been demanding for the last 20 years – with his old adversary Marshall James Book. Scores will be settled in this extra-sized issue of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, with stories by author Scott Snyder and the master of horror himself, Stephen King.

    “Double Exposure”. 1925. Pearl arrives at the Hollywood sign as arranged with B. D. Bloch. Bloch gives up Hattie and tells Pearl he plans to take her back to his home and find out what can harm her. A fight erupts on the hillside and Henry Preston comes to Pearl’s rescue in a car and they eventually make their escape. Suddenly, Hattie stabs Pearl in the back with a knife and reveals that she was the hooded figure from the first scene of the first issue. In the morning, Pearl is exhausted from the moonless night and is forced to feed on Preston’s blood. Pearl’s situation begins to overwhelm her, but Preston says that she has to confront the European vampires and can’t keep running away. Preston reveals that he is a marine and tells Pearl he’s with her on the fight against the old world vampires.

    “One Drop of Blood”. 1909. Book, Bunting, and Felix and Benita Camillo arrived at the devastated city of Lakeview. Bunting tells them his suspicions that Mr. Percy is a vampire, and must have infected Sweet, but he can’t figure out why Sweet is unaffected in the sunlight. Jeeks and the Blackmouth Twins are still outside the mine shaft Sweet has been holed up in for two days and get ambushed by Book and Bunting.

    Inside the shaft, Sweet notices his fangs are gone, his skin has become soft, and attributes it to the absence of the moon. Furious upon seeing his father’s severed head, Felix heads towards the mine shaft to avenge his father. Book follows. Sweet quickly kills Camillo and begins a fight with Book. Book strikes first by breaking Sweet’s arm. Sweet stuns Book with a rock, stands over him and drips blood into his eye before escaping further down the mine shaft. The shaft collapses with Sweet in it as everyone else escapes. Observing from afar, the old world vampires, after feeding on Jeeks and the Blackmouth Twins, leave assuming that Skinner is dead. Skinner’s fate is unknown, but Book appears to have been turned into another American vampire.



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    Synopsis  Perl meets up with a friend who turns on her. Perl and her boyfriend flee from the Eurpoean vampires. We also get a co-feature which is a short history of Skinner's first days as a vampire  The Good  Artwork is one well worth the $ for this issue. It reminds me of a Jonah Hex book as it's a western and seems to have some of the same "rough" look as the early issues of Jonah Hex. I'm not much of a western fan but I'm really digging this series thus far. The plot draws you in enough to f...

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