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My introduction to American Vampire

Art: Beautiful and stylish. Rafael Albuquerque perfectly captures the scene of the swinging 50's. The American diners, the slick hot rods and our protagonist, Travis Kidd. Oozing that cool, self-confidence and Elvis Presley, greaser look we immediately get sucked in by his charm. It's a fantastic comic to look at.

Plot: I was told this was the issue for new readers to leap on and this is definitely the case. Scott Snyder effortlessly introduces us to Travis and within a few pages we know what type of character this guy is and what he does. He's got a knack for slaying vampires which we see in full force and he works alone. We find out a great deal about Travis and there is a fitting climax to round it all off.

Scott Snyder is red hot in the comic world right now. Both his titles in the New 52 are amongst my favourite comics being published and I've heard great praise for this series so it was only a matter of time before I checked it out. This issue was a perfect point to jump on. It's a beautiful comic with a great story which is bound to get even better with Snyder at the helm.

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