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Sweet Pre-Vampire, Still the Loveable Psychopath though

I have been a big fan of American Vampire since I read the first issue. Its the start of a new story arc and it honestly a good pick up point to see if you are going to like the series, because its a prequel you can read this story without being lost.

What works?

Honestly, younger Skinner Sweet is the best part of the issue. If you have read the other books you know whats going to happen to him and you can see that building in his behaviors, the knife, the snake, and his behavior with the Indians all showcases a man who is angry and violent inside. His relationship with Book is also very interesting, although honestly its been I think a year since the first arc so I don't really remember Book. I also like the idea of a Native American Vampire who is worshiped as a Goddess, and I can't wait to see what happens.

What doesn't work?

Honestly the art in the book doesn't feel like it belongs in an American Vampire story, it feels more like a Jonah Hex story. Its a weird complaint but it distracted me the entire issue. Also mentioned before I didn't really remember Book from the first arc so I didn't really feel for him.


This is a good starting point for a new American Vampire reader, although honestly if you like this story you may want to get the trades I'm not sure what you are going to want to know for the next arc. Skinner Sweet as always is the character in the story that you want to watch, he's the person you want to focus on, and honestly I'm not sure how well the series is going to work after the end of last issue which I don't want to give away.

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