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    Fighting Yank's spirit guide.

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    Project Superpowers

    The American Spirit's first appearance.
    The American Spirit's first appearance.

    The American Spirit first revealed itself 60 years after Bruce Carter III, the Fighting Yank, under the advise of his ancestor and his Nation, trapped all of the worlds heroes in the Urn of Pandora. He did this believing with all his heart, that in turn he would also be ridding the world of evil. Knowing the world would surly perish if someone did not free the heroes trapped in the Urn, the American Spirit manifested itself in the physical form of an American flag appearing to Bruce and telling him in great urgency "Your life is at it's end." the Spirit told him "Your heart lied. Your Ancestor was mistaken. And the Urn was a Trap. Both for you and your friends."

    The American Spirit then instructs Bruce to seek out the Green Lama and free the trapped heroes from the Urn. Upon doing this the American Spirit yet again revels to Bruce that he will die.

    In the ensuing battle against the Dynamic Force's, Bruce Carter is accidentally shot and killed by the Arrow who had been confused by his time in the Urn. The American Spirit then appears to ghost that is now Bruce Carter and informs him that his friends are in trouble and the only way he can help them is to take on the curse that has plagued his ancestor for generations and become something of a semi-solid ghost.

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    After Bruce Carter had protected his friends and the heroes had one the American Spirit informed them they would only see the Spirit at times of great importance. When they needed him most.

    The latest manifestation of the American Spirit came again to Bruce Carter, now in his semi-solid ghost state. The Spirit informed Bruce that a young renegade going by the name, the Revolutionary, was the latest in a long line of patriots to serve the flag and the Bruce needed to meet him on his owns terms. He continues to instruct Bruce through his encounter after the revolutionary and Bruce have a quick battle saying "If you see him as a adversary -- you would be sorely mistaken. Look past the aggression, his bravado, to what he represents...He is a challenge. He is not the enemy. He is like a newborn to this life. As any true revolutionary would be, he has the fire inside, but no discipline. That is where you come in, Bruce Carter . . for he is one of us. He simply doesn't realize it yet. He isn’t evil, just misguided, the latest in a long line of patriots and need guidance."


    Important milestones that started with, involved or will involve the American Spirit:

    • Freeing the heroes of WWII from the Urn.
    • The death of Green Lama's aid and confidant, Tsarong.
    • The destruction of Shangri-La.
    • Pre-visioning the Fighting Yanks Death.
    • Pre-visioning the rise of potentially the greatest patriot to serve the flag, The Revolutionary.

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