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November, 2031. Above the Earth, the weather satellite code-named "Sprite" has accidentally become operational and is disrupting weather patterns in the Midwest, causing massive snowfall.

In Brasilia, the Plexus Rangers gather at the PlexMall, preparing for their raid on that evening's illegal basketball game. Among the Rangers are Reuben Flagg (who was covertly sent by Chicago mayor and Skokie Skullcrushers owner, C. K. Blitz to escort the team), Medea Blitz (the mayor's daughter, who in the midst of her Ranger training, under protest), and New Orleans Rangers Pelham Riverdale and Arcadia Driftwood. Missing is Chief Ranger Emmett Golem, who has returned to his seedy hotel room in time to prevent a belligerent bellhop from raping his as-yet-unidentified blonde companion.

In a locker room of the underground sports arena, Flagg's ally, Sam Luis Obispo, is briefing the Skullcrushers on the plan Flagg and he had concocted in order to protect the team and to keep Flagg from getting caught for his involvement in the illegal event. As the Rangers land on the roof, Obispo and the team rush from the locker room to the box office, which they rob.

Riverdale orders Flagg to check out level 7 of the building, and Flagg is relieved to get an opportunity to meet Obispo on level 9 as they had arranged. Riverdale follows Flagg and hides in the shadows to shoot him. He tries to lure Flagg back into range by tossing his card case down the metal stairs. Obispo arrives, surprising Riverdale, and he tackles the corrupt Ranger. They tumble down the stairs and Riverdale is shot with his own gun in the struggle.

Flagg thanks Obispo for the save, and he checks out Riverdale's card case. Within it he finds a membership card in Riverdale's name for the American Survivalist Labor Committee (A.S.L.C.), a racist and reactionary subversive group Flagg is trying to investigate. Recalling that it was Desiree DeutschMarx Overholt, daughter of the ambassador and wife of Plex Adjutant General Ivor Overholt, who blew the whistle on the basketball game, Obispo hands Flagg a bit of leverage: a sex tape he had surreptitiously made of Desiree in her persona as the dominatrix "Mistress Veronika".

The next day, Flagg makes his report in Chief Golem's office, describing the manner of Riverdale's death, omitting any details of Obispo's presence. Before leaving, he makes note of a framed photo on Golem's desk of a woman who appears to be Peggy Krieger, the former wife of Flagg's murdered Chief.

Afterwards, he comes across Ivor Overholt, whom he asks to deliver a wrapped gift to Desiree. Despite expressing his antipathy toward Flagg, Ivor accepts the present.

Later, Bill Windsor-Jones, Flagg's technician, tells Flagg he's certain that subliminal messages piped into Plex television programming are originating from the Brasilia Ranger station, and Golem is responsible.

Meanwhile, the blonde is in the hotel room, on the phone with Golem while dressing in a flight suit, informing him that Decker, leader of the A.S.L.C., has been in contact and is instructing them to plant evidence that Flagg is responsible for the subliminal messages, and that Flagg is to be silenced before he can claim innocence.

Later, Flagg and Driftwood are in a helicopter, preparing to demonstrate aerial maneuvers, when they are fired upon by another chopper. By firing at a blimp's ballast as their attacker flies under it, they disable the craft. Its pilot guides it down to a crash landing in a pool in a city plaza, then exits and runs away on foot toward the nearby red light district.

Flagg sees the pilot, whom he identifies as Peg Krieger, run into a building and he has Driftwood drop him onto the roof. He crashes through a skylight and into the midst of a group of drag performers as Peg runs past. She exhorts the drag queens to detain Flagg but he breaks free, following her to a stairwell. Flagg kicks a convenient soda bottle crate at her and she tumbles down the stairs, breaking her neck. He descends the stairs as Driftwood arrives, and they see "Peg" is actually Ivor. Searching the body, they find a hotel key.

Soon, Flagg and Driftwood confront Golem as he enters his hotel room, informing him that Ivor is dead. Golem sits down on the bed, heartbroken, and while the two Rangers hold him at gunpoint, he tells his story. He had met and fallen in love with Peg Krieger ten years earlier in New Orleans, but she had later died in an explosion. Soon thereafter, he had met Ivor, who had him transferred to Brasilia. One night over drinks, Golem told Ivor about Peg. The next day, Ivor had surprised Golem, showing up in the Ranger's bed in lingerie and a blonde wig, made up to become a dead ringer for Peg. They had continued this affair to the present, while acting as agents for the A.S.L.C., which they considered America's last hope. As Golem laments losing Peg twice, he pulls a pistol out from under the bed and commits suicide.

Soon, Fasfax, the news broadcasting arm of the Plex, reports that Golem, Overholt and Riverdale had been murdered by agents of the A.S.L.C., as the group was a target of an investigation by the trio. In Illinois, Decker, frustrated by Flagg's interference, summons a Titania Weis.

The next day, Flagg and his compatriots are at the Plex terminal, ready to depart for Chicago. Before they leave, Desiree rushes up to Flagg, angry about the video, but apparently not too upset about the death of her husband, Ivor. She demands to know where Obispo is, but Flagg feigns ignorance and boards the waiting aircraft.

When Flagg's group finally returns to Illinois, due to the massive snowfall, they have to set down 300 miles from the PlexMall and complete the journey by train. They learn they had a stowaway, Sam Luis Obispo, who was determined to leave Brasilia when Desiree firebombed his hotel. Flagg welcomes him to join them.


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