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Judge Flagg!

'Hard Times', the first story arc of American Flagg! comes to an end as Rueben and Mandy discover the truth about 'Hammerhead' Krieger's murder. Bob Violence is back on the air, the Gogangs still threaten O'Hare Plexport, and now the Plex has it's eye on things... but Rueben has renewed hope when he sees Krieger's video will.
All-in-all, American Flagg! is an interesting, if dated, read. Howard Chaykin's style is not for everyone - the 'hero' is more of an anti-hero, not terribly heroic, but definitely has the courage of his convictions, and the story never lets what would be realistic get in the way of what would make good fantasy, so it's likely to turn off as many people as it turns on.
Probably the best comparison that can be made here is a more sober, American version of Judge Dredd (in case the title, complete with the double 'g' didn't give it away). My recommendation is to give the first few issues a chance, but if you're like me, you'll probably want to move on to other comics rather than continue after that.

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