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Prize comics was one of the first of the comic books, it like so many started out with superheroes, such as Yank & Doodle two twin 13 year old boys who fought crime with their father the Black Owl (don’t they have child services departments in Comic Book Land?) it also featured the adventures, of the sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying, Frankenstein Monster.

By 1948 however that era was over and most superheroes had disappeared, so Prize switched over the Western stories with no lead character.

This changed with # 85 with the introduction of American Eagle, an Indian hero wearing an improbable red, white & blue outfit that made him look like Uncle Sam’s heretofore unknown Crow cousin.

The art was supplied by John Severin, called one of the 100 greatest artists in the history of comics and formerly of EC comics where he contributed mainly to their war comics, and later at Marvel where he did Westerns, Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandoes and a few Hulks.

American Eagle was, according to his introduction, “the mightiest of the Crow,” who attempted to bring peace between “the ferocious warriors” of the Shoshone, Comanche, Pawnee, Sioux, Blackfeet, Flatheads as well as “their common enemy, the white men who push irresistibly westward,” using his “far-sighted vision, shrewd leadership and unflinching bravery.” while at the same time protecting the Crow’s rich Yellowstone hunting grounds.

Yeah… how did that go American Eagle?

The series ended in 1955 with issue 119 and the cancellation of Prize Comics Westerns.

Created by John Severin and appearing in Prize Comics #85 though 119, where it was featured, American Eagle was a member of the Crow tribe who tried to bring peace to both the other tribes around his people who lived in the area that would one day be Yellowstone Park, and the growing number of white men.


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