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    The second man who took up the name American Eagle.

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    If you were referring to the Nedor comics character : American Eagle


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    Jason Strongbow was a man who tried to prevent developers from exploiting the environment that was sacred to his tribe. The developers were working in league with Klaw. When Jason and his brother Ward confronted Klaw in the mines, the combination of radioactive rock and Klaw's sonics mutated Jason's genetic structure making both of them more than just a man.

    After this event, Jason took up the mantle of American Eagle, Champion of the Navajo people, and he and his brother followed Klaw to the Savage Land, where Klaw was trying to use its source of V ibranium to augment his already formidable sonic based powers. Here they met up with Ka-zar, Protector of the Savage Land, as well as the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Despite defeating the Klaw and his minions, Jason's brother Ward was shot and killed. This did not stop American Eagle from remaining a champion of his people, and he was often involved in events with other heroes such as the Contest of Champions and was part of the defeat of the threat of the Dire Wraiths.

    Major Story Arcs

    Contest of Champions

    Marvel Two-in-One Annual

    Incredible Hulk

    Thunderbolts #110-15

    Super-Human Registration Act

    In recent times he was shown as being opposed to Tony Stark and the Registration Act with every intention of taking a pro-active stance against it. He also attempted to talk to Ollie Osnick, a.k.a. the Steel Spider, about his overly aggressive vigilantism to prevent him from getting into a conflict with angry members from his Navajo tribe. This then leads him into conflict with newly sanctioned government task-force the Thunderbolts in which he shoots team leader Moonstone with a crossbow. She then orders Bullseye to cripple him as he crippled hero Jack Flag previously. However, during their battle Bullseye gets soundly beaten and ironically is paralyzed by American Eagle, allowing him to make his escape.

    Jason returned to the Navajo Reservation, where he was free from prosecution as an unregistered superhuman and unlicensed superhero. The Desert Stars, Arizona's Initiative team, later found him still active as American Eagle on the reservation when they arrived to apprehend the fugitive Cottonmouth. He made it clear to them that they had no jurisdiction there and he didn't want their help. He then tracked down Cottonmouth on his own, beating the criminal into submission. Rather than send Cottonmouth off to jail, Jason forced him to work manual labor on the reservation, starting by burying the dogs he had killed.

    Powers & Abilities

    American Eagle has an enhanced sense of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. He has super human strength, speed, stamina and reflexes as a result of his mutation. He is known to carry a specialized crossbow that fires blunted bolts.


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