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    Character » American Eagle appears in 55 issues.

    American Eagle is a golden age hero who got his powers as a scientist the the United States government.

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    American Eagle first appeared In Nedor Comics. His name was Tom Strong and he worked for the United States government in top secret experiments. While working for the government he was exposed to a black ray that gave him his powers of Super Strength, Flight and Patriotism. He fought the Nazis in World War II with the help of his sidekick Bub Pierce, Eaglet.

    In a remote mountain laboratory, timid scientist Tom Standish is assisting Dr. Wolfe's experiments in creating a serum that can mimic the strength and buoyancy of an eagle. While trying to put a successful batch of serum in storage, Standish accidentally drops the formula and it spills onto a cathode-tube, causing it to glow with a strange light. Curious as to how the tube has been changed, Standish inserts the tube into a projector and his body is instantly bombarded with black light. Tom goes to tell Dr. Wolfe what happened, but walks in on Dr. Wolfe conspiring with fellow Nazis to poison America's water supply. Tom is assaulted and thrown off a cliff. To Tom's surprise, not only does he survive the fall without a scratch, he discovers that he now has incredible strength and can easily leap large distances. He destroys the lab, killing everyone but Dr. Wolfe who survived being buried in the rubble.

    Returning to the city to look for work, Tom is almost struck by a car, but is saved by a young man by the name of Bud Pierce. Impressed by Pierce's brave deed and surprising strength, Tom offers to pool their resources to find work. Finding an ad looking for a lab assistant, Tom goes to apply for the position, only to find that Dr. Wolfe is alive and well. Wanting to strike fear in the heart of the Nazis, Tom makes himself a costume with a cape that allows him to glide through the air. Calling himself the American Eagle, Tom thwarts the Nazi plot with the help of Pierce. Pierce later makes his own costume and together Standish and Pierce fight criminals as American Eagle and Eaglet.

    Publication History

    In America's Best Comics he and many other heroes were placed in suspended animation for thirty years before he was released.

    Stopping the Terror
    Stopping the Terror

    In the Dynamite Entertainment comics, American Eagle is trapped by a misguided Fighting Yank in the Urn of Pandora. Fighting Yank wanted to save the world by eliminating all the heroes. They remained in limbo in the Urn until Fighting Yank realized his mistake about sixty years later. Once released he and his fellow patriotic heroes were contacted by the United States Government. They were led to believe that the United States was in terrible danger and they were the only hope. They joined President West and became pitted against old friends like the Black Terror.

    Powers & Abilities

    American Eagles' cape allowed him the power of flight, and he was a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He also had enhanced vision, and sharp claws to attack enemies.


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