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Shannon Carter is the daughter of, a typical mid-western family. Her father was a small town police officer, her mother a school teacher. Shannon would lose her parents in her adolescence in a horrible car accident. The accident would claim the lives of both of her parents and also temporarily claim the use of Shannon's legs. She would be hospitalized and would remain there for months while her injured body recovered from the damage it had sustained. Since she lost both of her parents she was adopted by her Aunt (father's cousin), O.S.S. alumni, Peggy Carter. Once Shannon was able, she was released from the hospital and into her aunt’s care. She would be wheelchair-bound at first and was very affected, both mentally and physically, by the events that put her in her current situation. Her aunt did everything she could to help her niece recover as best she could. Peggy, in her younger days, worked with the Avengers of their reality (Earth #982 or MC2). She would ease Shannon's mind by regularly telling her stories of the heroic Captain America and her aunt, Sharon Carter. Shannon enjoyed these stories and would gain a quiet strength from them.

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She enjoyed them so much that she began to idolize Captain America, wanting to become a super hero as he was. This was the driving force for her to begin training and strengthening her body. As a result of her strength training and renewed shot at life, she was able to overcome her need of a wheelchair and regain the use of her legs. She didn't stop there though. She continued to train daily, making her body a finely tuned machine. It was around this time that Shannon would finally get a chance to work her with the Avengers too, but not in the way that she would have liked. The Avengers had disbanded and their mansion/headquarters was reopened as a museum instead. It was backed financially by the Maria Stark Foundation. Due to her aunt's connections to the Avengers, she called in a favor to the Chief-of-Staff of the museum, Jarvis and got Shannon a job there. Shannon would gladly work there, as it would bring her closer to her idol Captain American and a weird way to that of her mother as well.

Major Story Arcs

Avengers Assemble!


Lucky for Shannon, during her time as an employee at the Avengers mansion, the Avengers would become active once again. Kevin Masterson would arrive and would be given his father's old hammer, Thunderstrike. Initially thought to no longer have any power, a string of events would show just how incorrect this thought was. Kevin would be attacked by a new threat and his hammer would grant him the powers that his father once had as the Avenger known as Thunderstrike. Knowing that alone, Kevin would not prevail against his and the city’s threat, he would send out an alert and reactive the Avengers once again. The alert was responded to by Cassandra Lang in this reality known as Stinger (in the mainstream reality she is known as Stature), Jubilee (her mainstream counterpart is known as Wondra), Jolt, J2 (Zane Yama) & Speedball (Robbie Baldwin, Penance of the mainstream reality). Including Kevin, now referring to himself as Thunderstrike, they would act as the new Avengers and defeat Kevin's attackers.

After the threat was defeated, only a few would stay on as Avengers such as: Thunderstrike, Stinger, Mainframe & J2. Though Shannon was not a part of this line up of the Avengers, she would soon make her presence very well known. Being that the new team of Avengers was so short staffed, Shannon would take the opportunity to try out for the team. She would also bring others along with her, dubbing them the Dream Team. With her would be Freebooter, Bluestreak and the Crimson Curse; all would gain membership into A-Next. Shannon would create a costume based on her idol, Captain America. Donning the Red, White and Blue uniform she would also take a codename, it being American Dream.

American Dream

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American Dream had finally achieved her dream to become a superhero and joined A-Next. She would stay on the team and persevere through many battles. Not too long after her joining, A-Next would be swept away to an alternate reality, where they would aid the Avengers of that time. A-Next proved to be a solid unit. American Dream stood out quite a bit from her team, showing a true hero’s mettle. Due to this, the Captain America of that reality would give American Dream his shield, thus, furthering her connection and likeness to her idol. When all was said and done, A-Next would return to its own reality. However, their leader, Thunderstrike would stay behind. He wished to get to know his father better. This is when American Dream would finally fulfill the title of her idol Captain America. She would be given leadership of A-Next. She still maintains her role on the team as American Dream and the leader of the group.

Powers and Abilities

American Dream, though highly skilled in many fighting styles and unarmed combat, is not super powered. Rigorous training on a consistent basis has honed her body to that of an Olympic Level athlete. All over attributes are, therefore, greater than the average individual, including: agility, resistance, stamina, endurance, and flexibility; but not to superhuman level. American Dream is also a skilled marksman in the use of both her throwing discs and her indestructible shield. She is a skilled detective, has a near encyclopedic knowledge of super heroes of her time and has developed and demonstrated sound and proven Leadership skills.


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Gender: Female

Height: 6' 2”

Weight: 163 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue


Known Relatives: Mother (Unnamed, Deceased), Father (Unnamed, Deceased), Peggy Carter (Aunt), Sharon Carter(Aunt)

Citizenship: Citizen of the United States. Currently with no known criminal record.

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Adventurer (Formerly: Student, Museum Hostess)

Education: High School Level

Alternate Realities

American Dream has yet to appear in any alternate realities.


American Dream was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

Other Media


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online


American Dream is a playable character in the 2011 PC and Macintosh massively multiplayer online role-playing game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Voiced by Tara Strong

Her Description says: With her custom-made mini-shield launcher, American Dream defends Super Hero City from bad guys both home and abroad.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes

American Dream is a playable character as an rnhanced costume for Captain America.


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