American Champion

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    A patriotic hero and former member of Capes Inc., killed by the Chronodile.

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    Little is known about the American Champion. He was a member of Capes Inc. and appeared to be an "aging hippie" with a patriotic streak. American Champion had a very liberal, open, and "adventurous" relationship with his Capes Inc. teammate Claire Voyant. It is unclear if they were married, but they did live together in a mansion, suggesting that the American Champion may have been wealthy.  
    When the Chronodile emerged from the time stream to attack the United States, Capes Inc., responded to the challenge. American Champion was dropped into the fray but was grabbed up by the giant villain. Chronodile held American Champion in his claws and tossed him into his jaws, snapping down and cleaving the hero in half. American Champion fell to the earth, torn into two pieces at the waist.  
    After the Chronodile was defeated, Capes inc., held a funeral for him and two other fallen heroes. Days later, the hyper sexual Claire Voyant slept with Captain Cosmic to help get over her grief. She felt that American Champion would have approved. 


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