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Meric was a young man, who lived with his father and six other brothers, in a palace. They were the warriors of royals. One day, his brothers had locked him to the cellar, for fun. Then, the fearsome Two-Tank Omen and his horde attacked the palace. There was a bloody battle. Being locked in to the cellar, Meric was unable to help his family, who were slaughtered (except for one, who had goed away somewhere, long ago).

He wanted revenge. He carved the word to his fingers, and started the quest for it.

First he aimed to get close enough to Two-tank, so he could kill him. He did this by pretending, that he wanted to join his army, that he had never liked his family.

Two-tank believed him. Then, Meric had to undergo a trial by fire. Which was, to invade the high tech city of eternal Nomadic scientists, single handed.

He succeeded (and pretended that he had killed the people there). But he couldn`t pretend to be one of the bad guys, for long. He was imprisoned, and thrown to a pit full of dinosaurs, but he escaped from there. With the help of the surviving woman, Uli, of the eternal scientists. And her brother, who was with her.

They journeyed to the temple of the star sword (the womans brother goed to the Dinosaur people, in hopes of getting their help), where they retrieved...the star sword. A great weapon. Then they battled against their enemies once again, and failed to defeat them. They fleed, not knowing where to go.

After some time, they go to an arctic town, where Meric killed an evil god, or a monster the towns folk thought as a god. The towns folk were happy about that. Which is why they formed an army against Two-Tank.

There was a battle. And during the battle, he fought against an enemy warrior. Who is his brother, Gunthor! Barbarian defeated him, but didn`t kill him, for the sake of their dead father.

The battle was lost. Uli was taken captive. But still there was hope. The prisoners were taken to the Dinosaur people, where once again, Meric met Ulis brother.

Meric traveled back in time, to stop his familys death. He failed, though. He DID get the eyes of the slayed God, which didn`t help much.

Then, there was the final battle. Uli and Meric almost kissed (they had a fancy for eachother). It was cut short by Two-tank. Meric finally defeated him, by tossing him to an artificial black hole. Two-tank took Meric with him. Peace was finally upon the land. But, at what price...?

Months later, Meric returned, somehow.


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