warlockmage's America #1 - Pa' Fuera, Pa' La Calle review

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Borderline Unreadable


Cover Art: 3/5

Story-line and Flow: a whopping 1/5

Art and Colors: 2/5

This comic was abysmal for Marvel and i can only say "Its no wonder why Rebirth is kicking the shit out of Marvel"

The Good

there isn't much... like at all. seriously the best experience i had was looking at the cover. Honestly its just... its bad. I expected more from marvel.

The Bad

The dialogue is exclusive to Millennials only, i cite Ultimate Spider- Mans "She's my sis from another miss" quote. Like seriously just *cringe* way to play into stereotypes Marvel. Loki says "shes a bad mama jama" are you freaking kidding me? because thats something Loki would say about anyone really? no no he wouldn't.

I don't know how America's relationship was with her girlfriend prior to the fight, but if thats how she handles all their arguments i'd want to bail to, again way to play into stereotypes.

America says "Saving the world every weekend is starting to get old" the arrogance of that statement is astounding. Like if its starting to get old just quit Chavez, believe you me i wish you would.

this is pure SJW garbage that is just plain awful.

Do not Waste your money.

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    Not the worst but not the best. 0

    Maybe I'm a bit biased as a fan of the character but I thought the start was decent. However it's not perfect. The biggest problem it has is with pacing. Mainly that it goes by far too quickly in my opinion. There are character bits here and there but they tended to go by very fast and there's quite a bit of exposition. So there are some parts of the story I was unfamiliar with. Still that said it's a decent enough start. If you're a fan of the character I say at least check it out....

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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