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Amenhotep ruled over Egypt until a time-travelling Kang the Conqueror arrived and used technology from the future to overthrow Amenhotep and replace him as Pharaoh. Amenhotep was imprisoned in the depths of a pyramid and forced to survive by drinking the blood of the undead.


Khufor first appeared in Daring Mystery Comics #6 in 1940 as a Pharaoh ruling over Ancient Egypt, but was reintroduced with backstory involving Kang in The Avengers #129.

Major Story Arcs

Celestial Madonna Saga

After being trapped within the tombs of Rama-Tut's pyramid for over 5,000, Amenhotep had became a monstrous vampire creature from years of using blood as sustenance When the Avengers were trying to track Kang, the team journeyed to Ancient Eygpt where they discovered Rama-Tut's pyramid. Swordsman encountered Amenhotep and a battle ensued between the Avenger and the vampire. Amidst the battle, Amenhotep wound up outside and exposed to sunlight which killed him.

Fear the Reaper

Some time later, Grim Reaper formed a new Legion of the Unliving and among them was Amenhotep. The reborn villain fought against the Vision before returning to his afterlife at the conclusion of the battle.

Powers and Abilities

As a vampire, Amenhotep possesses longevity and above normal physical attributes. He grew wings at some point doing his imprisonment which enable him to fly.


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