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The Justice League of Women

The big Brainiac Saga wraps up surprisingly quickly, and a little confusingly. This issue plays out rather awkwardly, and half the time I couldn't fully follow the scale of the story. Brainiac kept doing some things and preventing the sort of vague means of defeating her, and many times I was confused as to where certain characters were. I'm still not completely certain how exactly the beat Brainiac, but the fallout from this story is much more satisfying.

The various Ame-Comi girls spend quite a lot of time discussing what should come of the aftermath of Brainiac's invasion, and it almost reaches the point of tedium but manages to cut just short of it. The outcome was fairly obvious for the most part, but the interesting aspect was the necessary political focus of the discussion. This Earth is new to superheros, and the far different way Themyscira was introduced to the world created a much different situation, and it was intriguing to see it explained as they discussed how to get around it.

I was kind of disappointed in Power Girl for forcing Batgirl and Robin to come clean to their parents, and I really hope they aren't grounded from the series for too long, because they were vital to the story, and overall interesting interpretations of the dynamic duo.

The final hook of this issue was an extremely interesting reinterpretation of the Emotional Spectrum. The Guardians of the Universe has a COMPLETELY unexpectedly different appearance, and we get a surprising twist on the way the rings work.

In Conclusion: 3/5

This issue was a little on the filler side. It wrapped up the Brainiac story in an excessively convoluted manner, and then kind of stretched out the aftermath a bit beyond it's breaking point. But overall there was a pretty good focus on the story more than the fanservice, it's just that the story this time was mostly pretty ordinary when it wasn't confusing.

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