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    Ambush Bug is a humorous character and total nutcase. He tries to do good but his altered view of reality often gets in the way. He is one of the few comic book characters that will often break the "fourth wall". He is currently a news reporter for the New 52 post Issue news report "Channel 52"

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    Current Events

    A little over a year into the new 52, DC Comics started running a backup feature in some series called Channel 52 where other series were promoted, though by DC Universe characters in a "breaking the fourth wall" approach. Ambush Bug is a member of the news team.

    Most recently he was seen in the Story arc event "Convergence" where he arrived from an unknown destination with luggage and talked to his friend Supergirl, who is actually not a Kryptonian and displayed telekinesis in a fight with 2 other character from another city.


    Villainous Ambush Bug
    Villainous Ambush Bug

    Ambush Bug's origin is shrouded in mystery, or possibly too many comic book origin stories. He has related several different versions of his beginnings, most of which have reflected popular superhero origin stories from Marvel and DC. The most likely scenario is that Irwin Schwab, a down-and-out average Joe raised on too much television, found a costume in a back alley dumpster, discarded by its unknown creator. When Schwab put the suit on he discovered that it could release microscopic bug robots that allowed him to teleport to them.


    Keith Giffen and Paul Kupperberg created Ambush Bug as a goofy fun character. His first public forays were criminal in nature, causing havoc with Superman, Doom Patrol, Supergirl and the Legion of Substitute Heroes. The character proved extremely popular with fans and creators, and Giffen soon softened Ambush Bug's attitude giving him a hero worship of Superman and using that as a springboard to turn him into a hero... just not a very good one. Ambush Bug has starred in two mini-series, several one-shot books, as well as many guest appearances across the DC universe.

    Character Evolution

    They are not amused
    They are not amused

    Ambush Bug began his career as a criminal, but he quickly changed his mind, choosing instead to become a super hero like his icon Superman. He tries to do the right thing, but he keeps getting in the way of himself. During the Son of Ambush Bug mini series, he finds a stuffed doll that he believes can talk to him. Dubbing his new sidekick Cheeks the Toy Wonder, they become a new crime fighting duo. Other than his sidekick Cheeks, Ambush Bug is very much a lone wolf - possibly due to the fact that nobody can stand being around him for more than three minutes - but he did become a member of the Justice League during 52. Naturally, that didn't last long. Lately he has served as a member of The Doom Patrol, "helping" them with several cases, including their clash with The Secret Six.

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Appearances

    Ambush Bug's early appearances in DC Comics Presents, Supergirl, and Action Comics served to establish the character as a comically crazy foil, mostly for Superman. They detail his switch from villain to hero as well as his burgeoning obsession with The Man of Steel.

    Ambush Bug Mini Series

    The big bad
    The big bad

    Ambush Bug finds Cheeks The Toy Wonder and they go on several adventures together, culminating in the "death" of Cheeks when Ambush Bug leaves him to diffuse a bomb by himself. He is after all, just a toy. Darkseid sort of shows up in all four issues, and is the big bad for the finale, along with Argh! Yle! The Killer Sock.

    Son of Ambush Bug Mini Series

    During his second mini-series, Ambush Bug gets surreal. The fourth wall is broken almost continuously, resulting in Ambush Bug going to court for "contempt of comics". The series ends with Ambush Bug getting kicked out of the DC continuity. This obviously didn't take because he re-appeared some months later, back for mayhem.

    Doom Patrol Appearances

    Guess who's back in circulation?
    Guess who's back in circulation?

    Ambush Bug appeared in the third volume Doom Patrol series starting with Doom Patrol #9. He helped the Doom Patrol on Oolong Island and was an integral part of finding Elasti-Girl when she was captured. He helped the team defeat a mind controlled Chief, and played a role in their conflict with The Secret Six. He has since left the team for parts unknown, however he will certainly turn up again.

    DC NEW 52

    As of February 2013 Ambush Bug returned to the DCU as an intrepid field reporter for Channel 52 news. Bringing oft-misplaced stories and habitually showing up at an inopportune location. Ambush Bug had not been seen since he left Doom Patrol in 2011 due to the cancellation of the series. Ambush Bug was missing between 2011 and 2013.

    Channel 52 News

    Ambush Bug is Channel 52's field reporter. (Channel 52 has appeared at the back of every DC book since February of 2013) He provides comedic relief in his unique way whilst the 2 page story outlines what major events happened across the DCU that week.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ambush Bug's main power is teleportation, which originally was derived from tiny robotic bugs stored in his antennae. He could teleport to anywhere there was a bug. At some point, he altered the technology to where he no longer needed the bugs to teleport. The suit also allows him some limited protection from most attacks. Perhaps Ambush Bug's greatest power is his ability to break the fourth wall. He is fully aware that he is in a comic book.

    Other Media

    DC Universe Online

    DCUO Ambush Bug
    DCUO Ambush Bug

    Ambush appears in the DC Universe online game as a "Vault" character. At times during the training mission, he can be found in the garbage area of the ship, where he will reply with his 4th Wall-Breaking ways: "Oh look, a new player!" then teleport away. He appears to both villains and heroes, giving them access to the vault, a prize area for collecting valuable items, which is modeled by the Joker. He also randomly shows up in various maps when the players run Duos, although he adds nothing to the missions.

    Batman The Brave and the Bold

    Brave and Bold?
    Brave and Bold?

    Ambush Bug appeared in the last episode of Batman Brave and the Bold. He is trying to stop Batmite from ruining the show. He helped Batman and Aquaman in the fight against Gorilla Grodd. In the end, the executives do cancel the show and Ambush Bug helps organize a wrap party for the whole cast in the Batcave. Ambush Bug was voiced by Henry Winkler.


    He had a figurine in one of the 2007 sets.


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