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In the pre- Plutonian world, Amberjack used to be Sky City's go-to guy for black market armor and weapons.  His wares included diamond-tough tanks and plasma nets, and were particularly effective against the police and heroes of the same caliber as Hornet.  Sold out by Max Damage and causing his then lucrative business to crumble, Amberjack harbored a deep hatred for the number one most wanted on the federal list.
Post-Plutonian, Amberjack got his hands on a teleport-jumper that Qubit lost.  After finding out that the device takes its target to a much better-off parallel world where Plutonian did not exist and no other competition existed, he put it on the black market for the price of one billion.  Max Damage extracts that information from Origin at his hideout, then storms Amberjack's laboratory.  Excited that he can finally seek his revenge, Amberjack activates a gigantic robot in the abandoned warehouse to gain the advantage against Max.  During the battle, Max's sidekick Jailbait finds the dimensional transporter and asks how she can get HBO on it.  Amberjack fires his cybernetic rocket-propelled hand at the young heroine, and Max recovers the device.  Max tries to save Jailbait from this Plutonian dominated world by throwing the teleporter at her, but she deflects it and sends the robot to the parallel world.  Distraught, Amberjack lunges at Max, who simply crushes his cybernetic hand.  After a quarrel between the hero and sidekick resulting in her abandoning him, Amberjack taunts Max by asking how's being a superhero working out for him.  Amberjack then blacks out as Max proceeds to stomp him.

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