Amber Bennett

    Character » Amber Bennett appears in 72 issues.

    Amber Bennett attended high school with Mark Grayson. She was his first girlfriend but the two have since broken up.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Amber Bennet came into Mark's life shortly after he became Invincible. Since Atom Eve was already dating Rex-Splode Mark began seeing Amber. The two dated for the remainder of their senior year of high school and into college despite going to two different schools. Because Mark kept disappearing and was always tired or answering his pager Amber began to suspect Mark was up to no good. She confided in his friends that she thought he was a drug dealer (to which they laughed because they knew he was Invincible and she didn't). When one of the Reanimen attacked Mark abandoned Amber to become Invincible. An act that outraged Amber (as she thought Mark abandoned her to save his own skin, leaving her to die).

    After talking with her friend she guessed that Mark was Invincible and called him on it. Mark, tired of the lies, admitted it and told her his life story. Touched that he trusted her with his secret and already in love with him the two made love for the first time.

    Life was still not easy for the couple. Despite knowing that Mark was Invincible only gave Amber the piece of mind of knowing her boyfriend was not up to no good. He would have to leave at a moments notice (being on call for the government). Also, when Mark took her on an impromptu trip to Africa she realized that despite having a great time that she couldn't tell anyone about the trip because they would ask question like, how they got there. Also, Mark was forced to leave Amber with Eve because Mark had to go rescue his mother and younger brother.

    During all this Amber had met a young man at her college named Gary. While she never cheated on Mark, Gary was always there for her and even made it a point to put her before things others considered more important. Mark and Amber broke up some time later.

    Some time later after Mark and Eve began dating Mark received a phone call from Amber. He did not immediately tell Eve who it was but raced to see Amber. She explained that she was having a hard time because her father had just passed away and then revealed that Gary was abusing her (the left side of her face was horribly bruised). In a rage Mark finds Gary and tells him that even though he is not a part of Amber's life he still cares about her and that if he ever harms Amber again that he will kill him. Gary complies and Mark leaves him in the middle of nowhere.

    Amber later tells mark that Gary apologized and that she is going to give him another chance.


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