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Ambellina is a Prise, one of the three races throughout The Amory Wars universe. Like all Prise, she was created by God to join her sisters in protecting the Keywork.


Ambellina was created by the creator of The Amory Wars, Claudio Sanchez.

Major Story Arcs

The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Ambellina was chosen by her sisters to be The Watcher; the one that would guide The Crowing, Claudio Kilgannon. She had her wings burned and was sent to the Kilgannons' house to find Claudio. However, she only found Newo Ikkin, Claudio's girlfriend. Ambellina followed Newo back to her house, where she was attacked by one of Wilhelm Ryan's Onstantine Priests that is also searching for The Crowing. Ambellina comes forward to protect Newo from the Priest's assault, but she is overpowered. Newo sneaks up on the Priest and smashes a glass bottle on it, giving Ambellina enough time to finish the distracted mutant.

Ambellina then reads the letter that Claudio left for Newo. After reading it, Ambellina realizes that Newo is of no use to her. She lies to Newo, telling her that the letter is correct and Claudio is dead, and that she should continue with her normal life.

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

Ambellina has found Claudio by this time, and is following and watching him from the shadows. She sees him use his powers for the first time since he departed from Cecil and the camp. Then, in Issue 2, Ambellina is seen in a crowd watching Claudio after he experiences one of his frequent visions of his father, Coheed Kilgannon. Later, as an Onstantine Priest is about to make its move and attack Claudio, Ambellina saves him by pulling the monster up to her and the rooftop and battling it up there. However, the Priest overwhelms her and throws her from the roof through a window moments after Claudio passes by it. The monster in then seen dashing for the club that Claudio has entered, but Ambellina cuts it off with a jump kick.

As Claudio is then moving through the sewer-like streets of Godder Damm that night and sees his father again, the Priest makes another assault on the Crowing's life. Ambellina apprehends it again, and this time finally slays the beast. Claudio then begins to follow his savior and question her. She informs him that she has been following him for ten years, four months, and three days and has been sent to protect and guide him. This irks Claudio, as he been in denial over his destiny as The Crowing, and the two begin to argue. As they're quarreling, they pause to see the execution of Wilhelm Ryan being displayed on a public screen.

The two then go to where Claudio lives, and Ambellina is less than satisfied with it. Again, the two begin to argue, and Claudio storms off after hearing a noise. Ambellina reluctantly follows. As the pair is walking through the sewers again, they stumble upon a mutilated body in a garbage dump. Ambellina informs him that the dead body is an IRO-bot, and a sign of Claudio's destiny. He becomes angered again, and uses his powers to turn immaterial. He shifts back to material form while his arm is still projected through Ambellina's chest. Phasing again and pulling it out, Claudio watches Ambellina fall to the ground. Coheed appears again and tells Claudio he just killed the one being in the universe who was watching out for him. Claudio becomes upset and angered over what he has done. He falls to his knees and grabs her, screaming her name "Lina." His hands begin to emit a greenish light as he clutches her, and she soon awakes to rudely tell him to never call her by that name again. Ambellina then gives Claudio the final choice to embrace his powers and follow his destiny, or to continue to run from it. Claudio accepts, under the one condition that he can call her "Bell".

Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Vol 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

Aboard the Grail Arbor, Ambellina watches over Claudio as he dreams. The ship lands on Kalline, a neighboring planet of Apity Prime, where Wilhelm Ryan is hiding out. Their ship is ambushed by the Red Army, and Jesse commands Ambellina to take Claudio to safety and hide.

Outside of The Fiction, the weight of the Writer's personal problems is growing too heavy. Advised by the Ten Speed, he reluctantly decides to kill off Ambellina as a way to deal with his own suffering. He enters The Fiction through the Willing Well, and confronts Claudio and Ambellina.

An Onstantine Priest is attacking Ambellina as the Writer appears through the Willing Well. Claudio is attacking the Priest to rescue Ambellina, but the Writer tells him to stop. The Writer reveals the truth of The Fiction to Claudio, and that Ambellina is just a representation of his lost love. Before Claudio reacts, the Writer pierces Ambellina through the chest and kills her. Claudio rushes to her side, but there is nothing he can do. She leaves Claudio with her final words: "Dear Claudio, I know not much of love... It's not in my make. But if I could've, I would have loved you."

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