"Wonder Woman" Amazons Attack!

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    Upon discovering Wonder Woman is being held captive by the U.S government,Hippolyta declares an all out War on all of Man's World.

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    After disappearing during the Infinite Crisis story Arc in which Theymiscara was attacked by the Brother Eye satellite, the Amazons return to attack Washington, The Amazons teleport to Washington,due to Diana is being held prisoner by the Department of Metahuman Affairs as they want the schematic plans for an Amazonian Purple Ray, wishing to deploy the device for their own uses but Diana refuses to give it to them.The newly resurrected Hippolyta and her adviser Circe, the Amazons are being helped by magical creatures such as Hydra's, winged horses and several cyclopes. The Amazon forces quickly murder every male in sight, both adult and child are not spared from the Amazons wrath. Hippolyta who has planned on destroying Man's World once and for all even slices the head off of Lincoln's statue at the Lincoln Memorial. Two Amazons enter the White House and attempt to

    An army of Amazon warriors getting ready to attack man's world
    An army of Amazon warriors getting ready to attack man's world

    assassinate the President of the United States, but are stopped by Black Lightning.The Amazons however do not know that Wonder Woman's capture was planned by Circe, and that Diana was rescued by Nemesis shortly before their invasion.Elsewhere,the Justice League and the U.S. military get ready to fight against the Amzons, Wonder Woman upon being freed meets with her newly resurrected mother. After realizing that Hippolyta is real and not an impostor, Diana tries to convince her mother to stop the war. Hippolyta upon hearing this grows angry with her daughter and tells Diana that her rightful place is by her side.Diana leaves and finds Circe, who tells her that her recruitment of the Amazon warriors has been her trick to force the destruction of the Amazon's homeland, Themyscira. Hippolyta hears the conversation, and stabs a battle spear through Circe's chest.Circe who is weakend by the attack leaves the retreats.

    Donna Troy meets Hippolyta and also tries reasoning to end the war and Hippolyta agrees to peace talks if Donna and her sister Diana both meet with her at the same time.However, the Amazons soon launch attacks on California and Kansas.The continuation of the attacks make Amazon leaders Phillipus and Artemis to doubt Hippolyta's motives. The situation worsens and causes the U.S. President to invoke the provisions of the McCarran Internal Security Act.Elsewhere, Wonder Girl's aka Cassie Sandsmark mother is held with other women at an internment camp. Cassie and Supergirl who heres the word over the news leave Supergirls apartment to confront the soldiers guarding the camp, and they themselves are threatened with arrest due to their connections to the Amazons. The Teen Titans arrive to attempt to lessen the conflict but only to have Wonder Girl and Supergirl battle against them as well as the military before flying off to Washington D.C. to reason with Hippolyta. Cassie convinces Hippolyta to negotiate peace with the U.S. President. When Hippolyta agrees, Cassie and Supergirl to bring the U.S. leader to her.

    During the fight in Washington,Nemesis is stung by a giant venomous Stygian Killer Wasps. Diana calls upon Athena to transport her to her Themyscira to retrieve an antidote for Nemesis. While on the island Athena refuses to return Diana back and stops a missile from destroying Themyscira and then attacks Diana for questioning her.Wonder Girl and Supergirl block the path of Air Force One knocking on the glass.The President agrees to have the plane land seeing no other option. However a group of Amazon warriors on winged horses attack the air place and causes it to crash-land.The President is severely injured and Wonder Girl and Supergirl who feels at fault for having played a part in injuring the president.The Amazons attack on the remaining survivors. Superman enters the fight and lands hard on the ground making it crack.Superman attempts to reason with the Amazons, but just as the warriors are mercilessly gunned down by U.S soldiers.Batman deduces that the attacks on Washington are the work of an outside group due to the high-tech weaponry deployed,.He informs Wonder Woman of this and leaves for Gotham, intending to dispatch Catwoman to infiltrate the group.

    Diana arrives in Man's World with the antidote and cures Nemesis.The Outsider Grace is used as a human shield, the Banas then join forces with Hippolyta and her Amazons in battling the remaining U.S. military forces.Batman uses a spell given to him by Zatanna that renders Circe powerless.Wonder Woman confronts Circe but Hippolyta defends her and Wonder Woman confronts her mother about the harmful decisions she has made. Since Circe is powerless, Hippolyta is no longer under anyones spell and her decisions are her owns. Hippolyta throws down her weapon to the ground as a sign of surrender.Athena appears and is displeased with what the Amazons have done and prepared to pass judgment while Circe is banished to Hades. Themyscira rises from the ocean and the Amazons disappear to parts unknown and Hippolyta is exiled to rule over an empty Themyscira alone as punishment.Athena watches events unfold, with the Greek gods in chains behind her and reveals that the Amazons have been turned into normal mortal women separated throughout the world without any memory of their previous lives.It is then revealed that Granny Goodness has imprisoned the Greek gods and stole Athena's identity claiming that once again "Goodness Triumphs over all!!"

    Supergirl's Involvement

    During Amazons Attack, all the women who had any connection to the Amazons were being contained in internment camps. Wonder Girl and Supergirl attack the camp in an attempt to free their friends and family, but Robin informs that it would be better to use negotiation. The two then travel to talk to Queen Hippolyta. Hippolyta tells them that they need to bring the President to her to talk. The girls block Air Force One's path and convinced the President to go with the, but the plane is brought down by two Amazons. The two realize their foolishness and are helped by Superman who helps them with the Amazons.

    Maelstrom, a laborer on Apokolips, confesses to be madly in love with Darkseid, with this said she heads to Earth in hopes of killing Superman, so that Darkseid may love her in return. However when Maelstrom arrives on earth, Superman is away, during his absence he leaves Kara in charge. At first the duty proved to be more-so on the boring side of things as Kara had nothing to do - that is until Maelstrom hurled cars at her, initiating a fight. Maelstrom completely over-powers Supergirl, even toppling a hospital in the process. When Maelstrom was about to deliver the final blow to Kara, Superman returned and defeated her soundly, Kara later escaped to the moon and begin to self doubt. Superman tells Kara he is sorry, for not personally overseeing her training, and decides to take her to a isolated place for training, whether she likes it or not. Back on Apokolips, Maelstrom is thrown into a gauntlet against warriors for Darkseid's own amusement. Maelstrom quickly defeats the other warriors, but is thrown in the slave pits, to be used for later; meanwhile Kara still struggles during her training with Kal-el. Maelstrom, is essentially put to work inside the pits, but quickly comes to terms with her own class, as she is shocked, for not working. Maelstrom returned to earth, and quickly began attacking to please Darkseid which prompts Superman and Kara to return as well. Superman and Kara make quick work of the furies, however now they had to combat the raw, power and will power of Maelstrom. Kara grips Maelstrom by the neck and places her in a ship, to a planet with a red son. Superman tells Kara, that she'll have to learn how to do the job as she goes along.

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