Amazons Attack! #4

    Amazons Attack! » Amazons Attack! #4 - Amazons Attack, Chapter 4 - Things Fall Apart released by DC Comics on September 2007.

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    The battle rages on! Another "country" joins the fight as a new, deadly opponent enters the fray! While Batman and Catwoman devise a plan to get to the bottom of the chaos, Grace — the Outsiders' 6' 6" female powerhouse — is about to be visited by her past. And in the midst of all this, Supergirl and Wonder Girl have betrayed the heroes and armed forces. Their target: the President of the United States!

    Just as Diana is trying to face off against her mother Hippolyta, Superman whisks Wonder Woman away to meet back with the Justice League members. All the while battles are raging, a nuclear missile is still aimed for Themyscira.

    Batman and Oracle are trying to research the attacks on the US through technological means and realize that the Amazons would use magic not high tech.

    Wonder Girl and Supergirl think they have the perfect plan and hijack Air Force One because they believe the President only needs to be convinced that talking with the Amazons will solve everything. Instead the Amazons managed to take out the pilot and the plane crashes when Supergirl can no longer hold it up and they plummet in the a Wisconsin forest. Superman tries to save the day by appealing to the hearts of the Amazon women on the ground when he's interrupted and US soldiers gun down all the warriors.

    One of the fallen is Helene, one of the Amazons most able field commanders. Her horse gets back to Artemis and Hippolyta. Just as the Amazon Queen feels utterly abandoned, a ray of hope is seen. A protective shield is cast over the land and into the ground encasing central Washington D.C. Hippolyta believes it's the work of the gods but it's really Circe pulling the strings as usual.


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    The story is really getting fleshed out in issue no. 4 of Amazons Attack!. The heroes are disagreeing with each other on which battlefronts need attention most and who should be where; the young and naive Wonder Girl and Supergirl take off on their own causing a large catastrophe; nothing goes right for Superman; and Batman and Oracle make a big discovery.For three issues the superheroes of the Justice League believed they were only fighting the Themyscirians. The comic cuts to a great scene of ...

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