Amazons Attack! #3

    Amazons Attack! » Amazons Attack! #3 - Amazons Attack, Chapter 3 The Road to Hell released by DC Comics on August 2007.

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    The Justice League and the President of the United States are shocked by spreading violence. The believe the Amazons of Themyscira have launches new attacks and are no longer focusing just on the country's capitol.

    Superman is easily able to stop the fires spreading through Kansas. Clark is under the impression that the Amazons would attack Kansas as a way of hindering the country's food supply.

    Queen Hippolyta broadcasts her demands giving the Americans one day to unconditionally surrender.

    The President sees his limited choices and implements the "McCarran Act" which allows for citizens to be detained and sent to imprisonment camps for the slightest suspicion of terrorist acts. Because this act basically means you are guilty before being proven innocent, all the women who work at or are seeking help at the women's shelters named after Wonder Woman, are arrested.

    Phillipus and Artemis work out their differences with the Queen and among each other to come up with a plan to attack any leaders of Man's World that may be hiding in Virginia.

    Wonder Girl and Supergirl meet with the Queen and then take off to talk to the President who is forced to circle Air Force One with no safe place to land.


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