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    The Amazon tribe of Jade realm is a humanoid race who are famous for their knowledge of genetic engineering and the reproductive arts in the Gold Digger universe.

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    The Amazon race is one of the groups who moved to Jade realm at the end of the Age of Magic. They are descended from magically crafted "call girls" and "gigolos" created during Earth's Lost Age of Wonders by the Olympians (a subset of the Gardeners race). The tribe includes 2 subsets, the Athle and the Breeders.

    Known regular Amazons

    • Casca, guardian of the Amazon library
    • Dalea, guardian of the Amazon library
    • Madame Xui, royal apothecary
    • Teala, captain in the royal Amazonian guard

    The Athle include all the male Amazons and are all intensely handsome intellectuals and historians of the Amazon tribe. They are all under a minor psionic curse which makes they unable to perceive the intentions of others and so unable to grasp the concepts of deceit or mistrust. As a result, all female Amazons are intensely protective of the relatively few Athle. The Athle can only breed with Amazon females and always produce Athle children.

    Known Athle

    • Elder Celestial
    • Fuchsia (also spelled Fushia)
    • Chroma

    The Breeders represent the only female Amazons who are actually fertile and include the leaders of the tribe. They are particularly famous throughout Jade realm for their beauty, strength, being temperamental, and especially their knowledge of anatomy, genetic engineering, and the reproductive arts. Breeders can manipulate their own bodies to guarantee propagation of desired genetic traits in any children they have with members of other humanoid species. They were once noted as being able to breed with a were-cheetah male and produce were-cheetah children with 99% certainty. They are also trained in various chakras, pressure points, and similar arts to provide certain levels of pleasure, performance, and so on. As a result of Athle breeding, Amazon Breeders must seek out males from other humanoid species to continue the female side of the race.

    Known Breeders

    • Jehsya, Queen of the Amazon tribe
    • L'retta, daughter of Jehsya and Princess of the Amazon tribe
    • Aieko
    • Delia
    • Sahl
    • Sil, cursed by a Wabbit and now mostly stuck in Wabbit form
    • Tierre
    • Viera, librarian


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