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1. Super-Villains Then and Now (written by Jack C. Harris)

2. The Wrong Arm of the Law! (text article written by Michael Uslan)

3. Those Who Worship Evil's Might (text article written by E. Nelson Bridwell and Anthony Tollin)

4. Amazing World of Letters (letters page by Bob Rozakis)

5. Direct Currents (preview)

6. Curious Case of the Changing Criminal Club (text article written by Paul Levitz)

7. Beware the Brotherhood of Crime (written by Gerry Conway)

part 1 of a story starring the Secret Society of Super-Villains

8. Enemy- Thy name Is Evil! (written by Gerry Conway)

part 2 of a story starring the Secret Society of Super-Villains

9. How a Comic Is Created (text article written by David Micheline)

10. Lowdown on the Lunar Lawbreaker (text articlewritten by Carl Gafford)

article about Eclipso

11. remembering Dick Dillin (interview by Jack C. Harris)

12. Solomon Grundy

gives Solomon's origin

13. Cover of All Star Comics #37 (by Irwin Hasen)


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