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This is the page for the Luthor's Infinity Inc, Fury (change his/her name to Amazing Woman).

For the original Earth-Two (Earth-2) Fury, daughter of Wonder Woman see Fury (Hall).

For the second Fury, Helena Kosmatos, see Fury (Kosmatos).


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Erik Storn was one of the selected by Lexcorp for the Everyman Project.

After receiving the powers, he was placed alongside others who were selected to placed on the Lex Luthor-backed Infinity Inc. as the new Fury, the name previously used by Lyta Trevor-Hall.

After the end of the Everyman Project, Erik's powers changed along with the rest of Infinity, Inc. She gained the ability to change genders at will. As her female self, she's super-strong and has a different sort of personality, more extroverted, brave, and sure of herself.

Character Evolution

Fury III (Erik Storm)

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Erik Storm was a feeble stuttering boy. But as the Fury, he had claws, heightened senses, and agility. His attitude were also less gentle, different from the boy under the mask.

Amazing Woman (Erika Strong)

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Erika Strong was the polar opposite of Erik, as Amazing Woman was his strong super confident female alter ego. When in this form Erik feels confident and possesses increased strength and stamina, which he uses to overcome the bullying he receives from his teammate, Jerome. Along with the rest of Infinity Inc., Erik used the team as a support group to help heal their fractured psyches while fighting crime.

Major Story Arcs

The New Infinity Inc.

Erik become Erika
Erik become Erika

After Lex Luthor was discovered to have orchestrated the death of hundreds of Everymen after their failed battle during Black Adam's rampage, the surviving Infinity, Inc. members noticed a change in their powers.

Their exo-genes altered, giving them new, more psychologically demanding powers. Erik also saw a shift in personality. He developed a stutter and did not feel comfortable in his own body.

He also lost his old powers and attained new ones, represented in a super-powered female form who called herself Erika.

With an altered personality, Erik(a) embraced his/her new femininity.

Terror Titans

Erik, Natasha and Lucia were captured by the Dark Side Club and were mind controlled into battling each other until they were eventually freed.

The Death of Amazing Woman

Jimmy Olsen looking for Eternity 7734
Jimmy Olsen looking for Eternity 7734

After the separation from Infinity Inc., Jimmy Olsen came in online contact with Amazing Woman (under the username 'Eternity 7734') who has information on General Lane's plot including 'Project Breach'.

Lane was housing a planet killer. Jimmy arranges to meet Erik to discuss the project, but when he arrives Project 7734 has tried to kill Erik.

Codename:assassin tortured him beforehand and shot him, while trying to find information about the mysterious Project 7734.

Powers and Abilities

Amazing Woman
Amazing Woman


Erik has the powers as the Fury:

  • Agility
  • Claws
  • Unarmed Combat

Amazing Woman

Erika has the powers as the Amazing Woman:

  • Stamina
  • Super Strength
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Gender Transformation: As a lingering side-effect of the Everyman Project treatments, in combination with the activation of his meta-gene, Erik Storn can physically transform into a woman and back again. This condition is similar to multiple personality disorder insofar that both Erik and Erika demonstrate different personalities and attitudes. However, unlike most who suffer from MPD, Erik's transformation are physical as well as mental.

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