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It's only getting better

GREAT! AMAZING! It's only getting better so far this is one of the best secret wars story arcs rolling. The art is excellent you can tell they took the time to get the art correct . Once again this isn't earth's 616 spider man its a world where mary jane and peter have a life together and have a daughter, this story arc is one of the best spider man to come out since some of superior spider man. If someone tells you they don't like this arc immediately get the foot outta their mouth before they choke because they do not know a good story arc if it sat on their face ( sorry i had to say it). In this issue we get to see peter in action to protect his daughter which is fast paced and great to see the wall crawler of this world move through a city that hopes and prays for his return. Without too much spoilers you really get to see the main villains hold on this world and how super powered beings are treated and too see the ruthless of this villain is refreshing. I like my bad guys to you know be bad guys not anti hero's that most are pushing for it feels like. PRICE I would not pay over ten dollars for a special cover issue for the direct edition this has been out long enough to get for three to four dollars. Because i said so , That's why

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