The Amazing Spider-Man #1

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #1 - Back To Basics Part One released by Marvel on September 2018.

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    An alien invasion hits New York City and the only one who can stop it is...Spider-Man?! But that's far from all you'll find here - a revelation from the past puts Peter Parker's job, relationships, and whole life in jeopardy! And if even that's not enough, you'll see a new roommate, new love interests - and a new villain! Spider-Man goes back to basics courtesy of Nick Spencer (SECRET EMPIRE, SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN) and the Marvel debut of RYAN OTTLEY (Invincible)!

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular Wraparound CoverRyan Ottley & Laura Martin1, 51
    VarParty Variant CoverGreg Land & Jason Keith3
    VarVirgin Wraparound Variant CoverRyan Ottley & Laura Martin13
    VarRemastered Variant CoverErik Larsen & Dean White5
    VarRemastered Black & White Variant CoverErik Larsen6
    VarVariant CoverJohn Romita Sr., Terry Austin & Jason Keith4
    VarPremiere Variant CoverRyan Ottley54
    VarVariant CoverJim Cheung & Justin Ponsor55
    VarVariant CoverJerome Opena56
    VarVariant CoverShane Davis, Michelle Delecki & Morry Hollowell57
    VarVariant CoverNone58
    VarParty Sketch Variant CoverGreg Land59
    RESad Lemon Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto7
    RESad Lemon Virgin Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto8
    REUnknown Comics Variant CoverTyler Kirkham42
    REUnknown Comics Virgin Variant CoverTyler Kirkham43
    REUnknown Comics Color Splash Variant CoverTyler Kirkham44
    REUnknown Comics SDCC Exclusive Wrap Variant CoverTyler Kirkham45
    REUnknown Comics Variant CoverPhillip Tan38
    REUnknown Comics Virgin Variant CoverPhillip Tan39
    REUnknown Comics White Variant CoverPhillip Tan40
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover AMark Brooks46
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover BMark Brooks47
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover CMark Brooks48
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover DMark Brooks48
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover EMark Brooks49
    REScott's Collectables & KRS Comics Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto9
    REScott's Collectables & KRS Comics Virgin Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto10
    REComicXposure Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto28
    REComicXposure White Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto29
    REComicXposure Variant CoverClayton Crain23
    REComicXposure White Variant CoverClayton Crain24
    REFrankie's Comics Variant Cover AClayton Crain25
    REFrankie's Comics Variant Cover BClayton Crain26
    REFrankie's Comics Variant Cover CClayton Crain27
    REComic Book Realm Variant CoverGerald Parel17
    REComic Book Realm Virgin Variant CoverGerald Parel18
    REFrankie's Comics 16-bit Variant CoverMatthew Waite31
    RESanctum Sanctorum C&O Variant CoverLucio Parrillo36
    RESanctum Sanctorum C&O Virgin Variant CoverLucio Parrillo37
    RESanctum Sanctorum C&O Exclusive SDCC Variant CoverLucio Parrillo2
    REAlex Ross Variant Cover A Spider-Man VisionsAlex Ross14
    REAlex Ross Variant Cover B Sinister SixAlex Ross15
    REAlex Ross Variant Cover C TributeAlex Ross16
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover AAdam Hughes19
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover BAdam Hughes20
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover CAdam Hughes21
    REComic Sketch Art Variant Cover D SDCC ExclusiveAdam Hughes22
    REKings Comics Variant CoverDave Johnson35
    REFanExpo Variant CoverHumberto Ramos30
    RE7ate9 Comics Variant Cover AGreg Horn32
    RE7ate9 Comics Variant Cover BGreg Horn33
    RE7ate9 Comics Variant Cover CGreg Horn34
    REMidtown Comics Exclusive Wraparound Variant CoverJ. Scott Campbell60
    REPreviews Exclusive SDCC Variant CoverRyan Ottley & Laura Martin12
    REStadium Comics Exclusive Homage Variant CoverJamal Campbell41
    REStadium Comics Exclusive Homage Variant CoverJamal Campbell53
    REDynamic Forces Exclusive 3-Part Connecting Variant CoverGreg Land11
    2ndSecond Printing Variant CoverRyan Ottley & Laura Martin52
    3rdThird Printing Variant CoverRyan Ottley & Laura Martin50




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