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Around the time of World War I, a young orphan is selected by the Council of Seven, high in the peaks of Tibet, to be taken under their wing and trained to perfection. The process takes many years, but by the time he is 25 years old, young John Amon has awesome strength and invulnerability as well as the ability to become a green mist. After passing a grueling series of tests, he is allowed to head back to America where he battles his greatest enemy the Great Question and fights crime as the aptly named Amazing Man.

During the war, he fights on the side of the allies. His sidekick, Tommy, the Amazing Kid, was introduced in Amazing Man #23. For the first two years, the character was drawn by his creator comic legend Bill Everett. The strip lasted three years.


This character actually inspired 3 later characters:

  • DC's Amazing-Man, who's alter ego is Will Everett
  • Iron Fist who is raised in another dimension that resembles a mythical Tibet.
  • The Green Mist of Death aka The Prince of Orphans, who is an updated Marvel version of the original John Aman, and bears the same name.
  • Amazing Man has been published in different versions, one being in Malibu Comics' the Protectors, the character also appeared in Dynamite Entertainment's Project: Superpowers, and a completely different version as DC's Amazing-Man, who's alter ego is Will Everett

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