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Amazing Man Comics #5

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Centaur Publications Brings us Amazing Man Comics! Continued directly  from the pages of Stars&Stripes #6 at long last Amazing-Man in his own series! 
The Story:
The first story in this issue is the origin of John Amon the Amazing Man! We learn how he was chosen as an orphaned child by Tibetan monks who plan to help him develop into a Superhuman who can dominate the world. After twenty-Five years of training Amazing Man or A-Man or Green Mist as he is also known is ready to strike out against the world! "The Council of Seven" are the monks who trained Amazing-Man but one of them "The Great Question" plans to undermine the Council's plans. Fresh from China he debuts by stopping a train wreck and stopping the man responsible. We don't see his costume here but we do get sweet art from creator Bill Everett. 
                        The next story is the "Cat-Man" what seems to be the story of a Criminal mastermind with a cat fetish, threats are made and we are told to look for "The return of the Cat-man" in a later issue. Next up, "River subs"  with sweet art by Carl Burgos really sweet stuff. After that we get a great "Iron Skull" tale. There is a LOT more in this issue 2 pages of "Stranger than Fiction"
A prose Amazing-Man tale, as well as Episode I of  "Congo War Drum" by the legendary Paul Gustavson, A "Mini-Midget" tale, a story about "Slim" Bradley, and "Chuck Hardy and the Land beneath the Sea" , and bringing up the rear a "Mighty Man" yarn.           
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The Good
Many Golden Age Greats supply the Art. The Centaur characters (A-Man in particular) were cool and deserve to be remembered. 
The Bad
Not much. The filler stories here are not so great but I love Amazing-Man and Iron Skull. None of the characters in this issue sport superhero costumes and without them come across more like pulp magazine Mystery-men.
 The Verdict: 5/5    
I enjoy Bill Everett's art more and more all the time. Amazing -Man is an Awesome unknown character and deserves to be revived. This book is in the Public Domain.

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