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He grew up with Comics, Bruce Lee flicks and Soul music of '66/'76. Ameziane (not yet Amazing...) worked several years in the magazine and the Advertisement business as Art Director, illustrator and graphic designer. Late 2001, he finally kickstart his comicbook career by writing several scripts. CLAN was the first one, but it would be to be published several years later... 13 years later exactly. In the meantime, he work also on the comics adaptation of the novel "CUATRO MANOS" with PACO IGNACIO TAIBO 2, his favorite novelist. He couldn't be more happy.

Now Amazing, Ameziane share his time between his books with TAIBO and the ones with Sybille Titeux and his own crime stories comics. Ameziane wrote several movie scripts, the first one in prodcution is the adaptation of one of his books. And of course, he doesn't sleep enough...

Bibliography (selection)
In english
- "MUHAMMAD ALI" with Sybille titeux - Dark Horse Comics (2016)

in France
- "CUATRO MANOS" with Paco Ignacio Taibo 2 - EP (2006)
- "BAGMEN" - Casterman (2013)
- " CLAN" - Lombard (2015)
- "MUHAMMAD ALI" (2015)
- "SAM HICKS (2017)


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