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    Amaterasu is the Japanese Goddess of the Sun, daughter of Izanagi, sister to Tsukiyomi and Susano-O and cousin to Mikaboshi.

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    According to Japanese folklore, Amaterasu was created by Izanagi, who made the sun goddess using his own left eye. In some versions, she marries her brother Tsukuyomi.


    The queen of heaven in Shintoism, Amaterasu apparently leads her pantheon whilst her father Izanagi is absent. During Mikaboshi's attack on Earth she sealed the Council of Godheads over the protests of Balder to protect the Fount of Creation from Mikaboshi. She cursed Hercules a fool when he was tricked into revealing its location by the Chaos King. When Mikaboshi rampaged through the heavens, he reached Ama last, and swore to "repay" his old pantheon for containing him within Yomi for centuries, but she vowed the Kami would stop him as in the past, but despite this promise, was swiftly slain and enslaved. Later, she attacked the God Squad when they attempted to lure Mikaboshi back to his prison of Yomi, but was bested by the faith-fueled power of the Silver Surfer. Presumably, she was restored to life with the rest of Earth's gods when Hercules recreated the universe.


    In Persona 4 Amaterasu is the ultimate Persona of Yukiko Amagi.

    Powers and Abilities

    As the chief of the Amatsu-Kami pantheon of the Japanese, Amaterasu possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability and longevity, and is capable of lifting at least 10 tons.

    As the goddess of the sun, she can project and control intense amounts of heat and light, and possesses various other godly abilities, such as mystically sealing the Throne Room of the Council Elite against Mikaboshi. She can cover herself in flames and project fire as a weapon.


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