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    Amaterasu is the main character in Okami, and is based on as the Japanese Shinto sun-goddess of the same name. Using the power of the celestial brush, she fought against the forces of the eight-headed demon, Orochi, and his cursed power.

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    For 100 years, Amaterasu, the god of nature, had been sealed away in a statue of Shiranui, the legendary wolf that slew Orochi with the great warrior Nagi.

    Sakuya, the master and inhibitor of the guardian saplings, was able to reawaken the ethereal wolf with all of her power. With Ammy's reawakening, she realized that the world had changed very much. The sky was black, and the trees were dying. Sakuya explained that Orochi had just come back to life with the legendary sword used by the Hero of 100 years past,Nagi's, disappearance. The sword was named Tsukuyomi, and slew Orochi.

    It was at this moment that Sakuya burst out laughing, as though she was being tickled by somebody. Out from her kimono popped a small poncle, named Issun.

    "Hey?! What was that for? I was just about to fall asleep!!" the small guy said.

    "Did you fall asleep in my dress again, you little bug?" Sakuya asked.

    "Uggghh!!! How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not a bug!! I'm Issun, the wandering artist!" the poncle screamed.

    Amaterasu simply looked on amused.

    After a long talk with Sakuya, Ammy knew what to do, and she was taking Issun with her. She needed to revive Sakuya's guardian sapling, but she needed something to cut down the fruit atop the tree.

    "So... your name is Amaterasu, right? Mind if I call you Ammy? Thanks. Yeah, I'm Issun the wandering artist...nice to meet you, Ammy." Issun said, as they moved through Nagi's cave.

    After traveling far enough they saw a strange constellation in the stars. Issun didn't pay attention to it at all, but Ammy knew what to do. She took her brush of the gods and filled in the blank constellation's stars, to revive the dragon god of Rejuvenation, Yomigami. Issun was amazed when they were taken to the strange spiritual world where the dragon gave Amaterasu the power to restore incomplete items.

    Issun realized what was happening and told Ammy about his grandfather once back in the "real" world with him. It was from this point on that Issun and Amaterasu decide to call her brush techniques after the name of Issun's grandpa's famous poem, "The Celestial Brush".

    Soon after filling in the River of the heavens, Amaterasu and Issun made their way to the cave of Nagi. It was here that they saw the great statue in all of it's glory....but without the sword. Amaterasu knew what to do, however, and pulled out her brush and filled it in with her newly regained Rejuvenation power. Issun was amazed. As soon as this happened, another constellation appeared.... this one was the god of Power Slice, the rat, Tachigami.

    He gave his consolations and said he was sorry about not being there for her in her time of need, and then offered his services to the Ethereal wolf. Now Ammy had gained back two of her lost fifteen brush powers.

    "Hey, Ammy....since your gaining all these brush powers, that means you're just like that legendary wolf Shiranui!" Issun said, still astonished.

    Ammy and Issun headed out of the River of the Heavens area to the dark filled Kamiki village, and was able to cut the fruit off of the guardian Sapling for Sakuya, and was able to enter the city again. This is where they realized how much danger the city was in.

    "If only the sun were in the sky....if only we could see something in this darkness...wouldn't it be great if you could just draw a circle in the sky or something? But that's impossible.." Issun said, with a sigh.

    Amaterasu did not think it was impossible, and showed Issun that she was indeed the Sun God Okami Amaterasu. Issun's mouth dropped wide open.


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