Amara Gaelle

    Character » Amara Gaelle appears in 8 issues.

    The Cabinet of Shadow's agent within the Darinde.

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    Amara is a very smart and resourceful agent. She is an agent for the Cabinet of Shadows and is currently placed within the Darinde, Lord Bala's followers.

    She met with Kratha to explain the details of the hit put on Tara Mehta, the woman to become the next Devi. Set Bala and Iyam against each other by telling Iyam of Bala's distrust, while telling Bala of Iyam's treachery. She has also killed two members of the Darinde in order to save Rahul Singh when he was captured spying on them, and sent him to save Tara from being killed by the Durapasya, Iyam, or Kratha.

    She has also been seeking the source, a vessel of unanswered prayers, for Lord Bala and the Cabinet of Shadows. She has however been sending the Darinde on false leads.


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