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    Amanita hails from the planet Muscaria where its inhabitants are a fungus base species of humanoids. The beings from Muscaria have extremely long life spans. It is a widely circulated, yet unconfirmed rumor, that Amanita is even older then the Guardians of the Universe themselves. Amanita possesses a "cosmic awareness" that is said to be on par with that of the Guardians. It is unknown if this ability is natural to his species or is a power possessed only by Amanita. He was originally recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by Larvox and Hal Jordan . Jordan had been tasked with rebuilding the Corps after the Guardians returned from their self-imposed exile which followed the first destruction of the Central Power Battery . Jordan agreed with Larvox' assessment of Amanita, and thought Amanita would be an ideal fit for Jordan's vision of a more well rounded and diverse Corps.

    As a fungus based species, Amanita has a vastly slower metabolism then many Green Lanterns and takes a long time to accomplish simple things. Amanita has shown this when speaking with Guy Gardner and trying to say "Thank you". However Amanita faired very well when he and the Corps battled Star Sapphire , suggesting that his speed does not limit him in his duties. Amanita was not one of the Green Lanterns sent to stop Hal Jordan from destroying the Central Power Battery and had disappeared into anonymity. He later resurfaced among the many former Green Lanterns who were rescued from a slavery ring by Guy Gardner.


    Amanita was created by Gerard Jones during the 3rd volume of " Green Lantern" penned by Jones in the early 1990's.

    Character Evolution

    As a "fungi-based life form" Amanita's extremely slow talking was used as comic relief, often played against the impatience of the warrior Boodikka. Jones hinted at Amanita having a "cosmic awareness", however this aspect of the character was not fully explored and Amanita has since fallen into obscurity.

    Major Story Arcs

    Eclipso- The Darkness Within

    For more information see: Eclipso: The Darkness Within

    While training with Boodikka, Kreon, Tomar Tu, Aa and Kilowog, Amanita notices somethings wrong. So at the suggestion of John Stewart the Green Lanterns fly to earth. Amanita is among the group of Green Lanterns that arrive on earth and try to stop Star Sapphire. When the Eclipso possessed Hal Jordon arrives Amanita is one of the Lanterns who fights Hal, even up to the point that Eclipso forces Hal and Star to apparently destroy each other.

    Amanita appeared in the Green Lantern's Return of Star Sapphire, Third Law, and Trinity story arcs. He remains active in the Corps and presumable participated in the Sinestro Corps War and the Blackest Night.

    Powers And Abilities

    As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, she wields a green power ring with all the associated powers and limitations.


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