Amanda Von Doom

    Character » Amanda Von Doom appears in 33 issues.

    A government agent in charge of the Mad Squad.

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    Amanda Von Doom was created by writer Jason Aaron and penciler Marc Silvestri, making her first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #1.


    Commander Doom, field leader of the Mad Squad, was sent by the United States Government to acquire the help of the Hulk in order to stop or kill Bruce Banner. She is usually accompanied by her two operatives; Mr. Gor and B.R.A.I.N. with whom she hunts down and either kills or otherwise neutralize the threat of mad scientist. She has stated that she is no relation to Victor von Doom, though Bruce Banner claimed to note some resemblance. Also she appears to have an 'acquired' sexual taste that appears to irritate Mr. Gor to a degree, possibly because he doesn't fit into it.

    It is later revealed she was born in

    Major Story Arcs

    Hulk Asunder

    After being separated from Bruce Banner, the Hulk has found a new home under the earth surface with the Moloids, and that is where Amanda finds him. She attacks the Hulk with several robots and herself in a super suit to show they mean business. She then explains to the Hulk that Banner has gone insane and is making Hulked out animal version in an attempt to recreate the Hulk. The Hulk goes with here and her team of Mad Squad, but after dealing with Hulked out sharks he leaves, claiming he only tagged along to see how many of her team there was. Later when he returns, Amanda is happy to see him and explains they may have Banner and will need his help.

    Hulk Vs Banner

    While in the Atlantic Ocean aboard the new Mad Squad's ship, Amanda explains to Hulk that after he and Bruce Banner split, Banner has gone insane and recently attack a military base in New Mexico and stole large quantities of Gamma Juice. She then goes on to explain that it is the Mad Squad's job to kill Banner, and they need Hulks help. Hulk agrees but before they can reach the island Banner is hiding on, they are attacked by hulked out bats, and then hulked out beasts. Hulk leaves Amanda and her team to deal with Banner directly. But while the Hulk is detracted, Banner finds Amanda, Mr. Gor and BRAIN. He over rides BRAIN's commands and and has it attack Amanda. She is forced to kill BRAIN and rescue Mr. Gor. They then take the opportunity to go inside Banner's base while he is distracted by the Hulk. Inside the base Amanda sets off the Gamma Bomb that Banner has been building, while Mr.Gor fights hulked out tribesmen. Amanda and Mr. Gor then make theeir retreat to the ship to watch the Gamma Bomb go off.

    After the explosion, Amanda order's Mr. Gor to fallow her back to the island to find the Hulk. They are attacked by the hulked out beasts that survived the blast. Amanda, after finding the Hulk and Banner's remains, promises to restore the island and cure all hulked out animals. She then goes back to the ship and after setting up a aide effort, decides to play strip arm wrestling with some of the hulked out beasts.


    After the events of Hulk Vs Banner, Amanda is instrumental in preserving the island of Hulked out beasts, and making sure Banner's ashes are never found. Then after the Hulk leaves to "sow his oats", Amanda order a 24 hour satellite tracking him.

    Hulk United

    Amanda and the Mad Squad bust into Bruce Banner's Antarctic base but instead of facing a mindless Hulk or a puny Banner they are face to face with a Banner and Hulk united to take down Victor Von Doom. Amanda and the Mad Squad take Hulk/Banner on his offer to take down Doom and the group flies to Latveria where they fight Doom-Bots.

    The team beats the Doom Bot and even returns the animals they had kidnapped and transform into Hulked out beasts. Amanda then leaves Banner/Hulk knowing Banner is no longer the threat he was.

    Powers and Abilities


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