Amanda Spence

    Character » Amanda Spence appears in 15 issues.

    Former operative of the Agenda, Amanda Spence blames Superboy for her father's death, and is always willing to return the favor.

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    Amanda Spence was the daughter of Paul Westfield, one of the scientists responsible for creating Superboy. Once a member of the Agenda, she started out by collecting informations on Superboy, posing as a reporter and interviewing Tana Moon, Superboy's girlfriend at the time.Not long after that, she and her agents attacked Superboy's Compound and managed to capture him. The Agenda successfully cloned Superboy, creating Match, who was even more powerful than The Kid and they had plans on creating a whole army of Superboy clones.

    While battling Match, Superboy caused a chain reaction, resulting on the explosion of the place, and Amanda was placed under arrest.However, the Agenda had infected Superboy with a virus designed to break down his DNA, forcing Cadmus and the Superman Team to search for alternatives. Amanda volunteered to give a hint on how to proceed, telling something she heard from the directors of the project. When asked why, she replied she owed Superboy one, as he saved her from the explosion.

    When the Agenda managed to escape, they soon sent Match to free Amanda as well.

    The Evil Factory and the Sins of Youth

    Amanda re-surfaces as The Agenda assembles again. She had kidnapped Tana Moon while she was in Alaska. She gave Tana a collar, which was rigged with an explosive device.In the middle of the confrontation, Amanda was captured by Superboy and his allies.

    Superboy, whom was grown into an adult thanks to Klarion's magic, was finally re-united with Tana and they started looking forward to their future, as even after they reverse the spell the Kid would grow up as anybody else. But Amanda had devilish plans. Amanda triggered the collar and teleported herself away afterwards. She's later re-captured by Superboy, whom almost kills her out of anger and grief, but is stopped by Wonder Girl.

    In Other Media

    Amanda Spence appears in the Young Justice animated series. She is shown as a young scientist who works for Project Cadmus. She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.


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