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    An Irish-American comic book artist, perhaps best known for her work on the Power Girl series.

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    Brief History

    Amanda Conner was born in Los Angeles to parents who were also artists. She grew up in Florida and Connecticut before attending the Joe Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey. Conner eventually relocated to Brooklyn.

    She began her career on small projects for Marvel, Last Gasp and Archie Comics in the late 80’s. Her work on such projects as STRIP AIDS U.S.A. and Marvel’s BARBIE series went largely unnoticed. In the 90’s, she drew SOULSEARCHERS AND COMPANY for Claypool Comics and did a one-shot with Steve Gerber called SUBURBAN JERSEY NINJA SHE-DEVILS for Marvel…hardly high-profile endeavors.

    Then Amanda’s luck changed. She met Marvel editor, Jimmy Palmiotti, who subsequently became her inker as well as her husband. Jimmy’s sterling track record in the business got Amanda noticed, not only at Marvel, but throughout the comic book industry. 

    Her credits include BIRDS OF PREY, LOIS LANE and CODENAME: KNOCKOUT for DC, X-MEN UNLIMITED for Marvel, VAMPIRELLA for Harris Comics and GATECRASHER (which she co-created) for Black Bull Comics. There was also PAINKILLER JANE for Top Cow and the recent DC mini-series, TERRA. A notable highlight in her resume was the creator-owned Image project THE PRO, which Jimmy inked and Garth Ennis scripted.

    In 2005, she illustrated JSA CLASSIFIED, issues #1-4, the origin of Power Girl. Her performance bringing this character to life led to the announcement at the 2008 New York Comic Con that Conner would be the regular artist for a new ongoing POWER GIRL with Jimmy and Justin Gray sharing the writing. This series started on May 6th, 2009.

    On March 12th, 2010, it was announced that the entire Power Girl team would be leaving after issue #12.  Amanda said she could only commit for a year, and Palmiotti and Grey didn't want to tell any new stories without her.

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